Just Kidding, George Miller Does Want to Make More Mad Max Movies

Thursday, 14 January 2016 - 12:34PM
Mad Max: Fury Road
Thursday, 14 January 2016 - 12:34PM
Mad Max: Fury Road has become a groundbreaking movie, a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, unabashed action movie that was arguably the most well-reviewed film of the year and has now been nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. And chief among its virtues was its visual style, so naturally we were all very disappointed to hear that George Miller didn't want to make more Mad Max movies. It would make some sense for him to change his mind after the Oscar nominations came out this morning, but as it turns out, he never actually said that to begin with.

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"That was a completely garbled interview," he told The Wrap. "I was in New York and it was so noisy and the journalist was asking me questions on a red carpet at the National Board of Review. She completely got the wrong fragments of information that were just not true. I said no, [another 'Mad Max' movie] will not be next, and she took that to mean I never wanted to make another 'Mad Max.' It won't necessarily be next, but I have two more stories."
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This makes much more sense, as we already knew that at least two Mad Max sequels are planned, and after the rapturous response to Fury Road it's difficult to imagine Miller handing off the franchise to another director. The report got us very worried considering that he was misquoted as saying, "I won't make more 'Mad Max' movies... Those 'Mad Maxes' take forever. I won't do those anymore," but the rest of his statements were about the difficulty of shooting a blockbuster, so he was probably just saying that he needed a break.

Now just to get Charlize Theron back as Furiosa...
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