Disney Just Revealed a Ton of Details and Concept Art for their Star Wars Theme Parks

Monday, 22 February 2016 - 9:45AM
Star Wars
Monday, 22 February 2016 - 9:45AM
Disney Just Revealed a Ton of Details and Concept Art for their Star Wars Theme Parks
Last night, during ABC's TV special celebrating 60 years of Disney theme parks, Harrison Ford took center stage as he and the House of Mouse unveiled a ton of new details for Disneyland's planned Star Wars Land attraction, and I have to say, it looks like the kind of theme park I've dreamed about all my life. 

As we wrote last month, Disneyland's newest addition will feature two main Star Wars attractions, one of which will allow visitors to explore the Millennium Falcon in all its glory.


As the image above shows, visitors will be able to take a seat in one of science fiction's most-iconic cockpits and as they take control of the Falcon, even getting to set its formidable weaponry loose on Imperial forces.

The biggest of the two attractions, though, will see visitors placed right in the middle of a battle between The Resistance and The First Order in what looks to be a mix of simulation (think Disneyland's current Star Tours exhibit) and thrill ride.

While you might think two actual rides isn't much, the entire Star Wars Land be a considerable attraction in its own right. As soon as you walk into Star Wars land, we're told that you'll feel as though you've been placed right in the middle of a Star Wars movie.

There's going to be a massive marketplace, which will make you feel as though you're buying your lunch and merchandise in the bustling trade hub of an alien planet.

You'll be able to sit down to relax and recharge in the planet's local Cantina, where you'll be surrounded by a variety of aliens and droids. 

But if eating your food alongside the scum of the Universe isn't your cup of tea, Star Wars Land will give you the chance to see how the other half live in the galaxy far far away, giving you access to one of the planet's upscale Dinner clubs, which if the concept art below is anything to go by, is going to be more reminiscent of Fifth Element than Star Wars.

Star Wars Land will occupy around 14 acres of prime Disney real-estate, and no matter where you wander, it looks like you're certain to bump into familiar faces....and masks.

We still don't know exactly when the attractions will open to the public, but the general word on the street is that Disney hopes to have things up and running in time for 2018's peak season. 

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