Scarlet Witch and an Unmasked Black Panther Feature in New Captain America: Civil War Images

Monday, 22 February 2016 - 1:44PM
Monday, 22 February 2016 - 1:44PM
We wrote last week about how one of Empire Magazine's special Captain America: Civil War covers recreated a classic piece of Marvel artwork, but now we're getting a look inside the April issue, and there's a ton of new images featuring the film's biggest players.

First off, our favorite new Avenger features in arguably the best image of the bunch. Scarlet Witch (Team Cap) is seen standing in the middle of some pretty serious devastation. How much of that devastation she caused, we don't quite know.

Up next is someone who'll likely be looking to cause some devastation of our own. The image below is our first look at Frank Grillo's Crossbones in full costume, and you have to admit he's looking pretty bad-ass.

In case you missed it earlier this morning, we now know who Martin Freeman is playing, and we see him alongside Agent 13 in this next image. Freeman's character, Everett Ross, is a big player in Marvel's comics and has a number of interactions with Black Panther, which means we could be seeing more of the Sherlock star in future MCU movies.

Speaking of Black Panther, Empire's special issue gives us our first look at the King without his mask.

The issue also features Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow doing what she does best....kick ass.

Finally, let's take a look at the figureheads of the movie's two warring factions.

Empire Magazine's Civil War special hits shelves on February 25th.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6th 2016.

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