First Reported Responses to Batman v Superman Seem Overwhelmingly Positive

Saturday, 12 March 2016 - 8:13PM
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Saturday, 12 March 2016 - 8:13PM
It's officially less than two weeks until Batman v Superman hits theaters, and more and more industry insiders seem to finally be laying eyes on the film. That being said, there is an embargo in place that hinders any review from coming out too early, and so first hand information regarding the film has been considerably scarce.

However, it's being reported by Batman on Film that though there aren't any official reviews as of yet, those who've seen the film seem to like it. In fact, they seem to really like it.

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However, I DO know a few folks who have seen BvS and all of them really liked it. In fact, no one I know who has seen it had anything negative to say about it. Another common thread from all these unrelated 'Friends of BOF'/sources is that BvS is nothing like a Marvel Cinematic Universe film. It's darker, less 'comic-booky,' if you will, and more 'realistic' than any MCU film. None of these individuals – who do like the Marvel films – meant this as a knock on the MCU; it's just the fact of the matter.
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Of course, all of this is simply one man's word, so it should be taken with a grain of salt. Yet, Batman on Film has been a pretty reliable source in the past, so it wouldn't be unwise to listen up to what's being reported.  

The idea that BvS will be darker and more realistic than the Marvel films doesn't come as a surprise. That's been evident not only from the trailers, but from the overall approach that DC has taken with their movies for quite some time, laying the ground for darker superhero flicks with Batman '89.    

BOF goes on to describe one individual's comments on the film, and they're definitely worth listening to as well. Reportedly, Batman v Superman could be even darker than the Dark Knight trilogy - often regarded as some of the darkest superhero films to date. Likewise, the common sentiments that Ben Affleck is great as Batman and Jesse Eisenberg is great as Lex Luthor were offered. He also went out of the way to comment on how the movie doesn't feel overstuffed or rushed, one of the common worries that some fans have expressed about that film.

If this report is true, then that's great news for DC fans. A lot is resting on the success of Batman v Superman, and it's awesome to hear that it could really be the hit that so many have hoped it would be.  

That being said, the early responses to Fantastic Four were also very, very positive, so fans probably shouldn't place a whole lot of weight on reports like this one. Still, the fact that it addressed some very specific worries that have been voiced about the film is encouraging, and hopefully, they'll prove true enough come March 24th.
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