This Animated Video Explains the Crazy, Convoluted Plot of the Civil War Comics

Tuesday, 15 March 2016 - 1:19PM
Tuesday, 15 March 2016 - 1:19PM
This Animated Video Explains the Crazy, Convoluted Plot of the Civil War Comics
The Civil War comics, which came out in 2005, are famous and highly acclaimed, but they're also pretty confusing, considering the huge cast of characters and the fact that it takes place over dozens of different comic storylines. The movie will be slightly easier to follow (even though its cast is almost as huge, amazingly), but it will likely follow many of the same events, so the spoiler-averse should look out.

Possible spoilers for Captain America: Civil War follow!


In the Civil War comics, a tragedy that involves superhumans and the deaths of dozens of schoolchildren leads to the Superhuman Registration Act, which allows the government to register and regulate superpowered humans. Iron Man is a huge proponent of the act, because he believes that further regulation is necessary to prevent tragedies (like decimation of major cities that occurs at the end of every superhero movie), while Captain America is opposed to the act, as he thinks it's tantamount to oppression and sees parallels to his experiences in World War II. The superhero (and supervillain) world is split down the middle, which leads to a huge showdown, lots of collateral damage, and ultimately the surrender and execution of Captain America.

Civil War

From what we know so far, the film seems to be following the same basic plot. It seems that the initial tragedy might differ from the comics (possibly because the deaths of young children being used in a debate over liberty and security is too fraught after Newtown), and the Superhuman Registration Act has been changed to the Sokovia Accords, but it amounts to the same thing. There will necessarily be big departures from the comics when it comes to characters that either belong to Fox or are tied up with the Defenders (Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Luke Cage all have major roles in the plot), but it remains to be seen whether the movie will share the comics' tragic and game-changing ending.

Captain America: Civil War comes out in theaters on May 6.
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