Jason Statham Will Fight a Giant Prehistoric Shark in "Meg"

Thursday, 14 April 2016 - 3:13PM
Thursday, 14 April 2016 - 3:13PM
If you thought that Jason Statham's latest movie was about a woman, we can't really fault you. But as it turns out, "Meg" doesn't refer to a human female, but to the prehistoric shark species Megaladon, which is just about the greatest thing we've ever heard.

This project sounds like (pardon my French) a perfect shitstorm. Based on the novel Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror, the film will be directed by National Treasure helmer Jon Turteltaub (so we can only imagine that the key to killing Meg is encoded in the Pledge of Allegiance), and follows an attempt to kill a gigantic Megaladon chomping on swimmers on the coast of China. So it's Jaws on steroids in China, starring only white people. That sounds about right.

There are no details on Statham's character as of now, but we're guessing he will be some kind of gun-wielding renegade, maybe with a Special Ops background. Meg is set to come out in theaters in 2017, unless they decide to genetically fuse the Megaladon with an octopus and just release the movie on Syfy already.
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