Report: Zombieland 2 Set to Start Production this Summer

Wednesday, 27 April 2016 - 12:37PM
Wednesday, 27 April 2016 - 12:37PM
The zombie genre might be getting a little long in the tooth by now, but it's certainly not showing any signs of slowing down. AMC's The Walking Dead might be the biggest thing to happen to zombies since Mr. Romero, but a year before Rick Grimes and co. first graced our screens, there was a very different Zombie project that captured everyone's imagination.

Ruben Fleischer's Zombieland did what many movies have attempted, but so few have achieved. It gave us a zombie movie that was both moving, funny, and genuinely original. With a screenplay from Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (the team behind Deadpool), Zombieland delivered some of the best zombie moments since Shaun of the Dead, and since its release in 2009 many fans of the undead have craved more.

While a Zombieland sequel has long been rumored to be in the works, there were a number of major blockers to making it a reality. The writing team of Wernick and Reese might have been willing to make themselves available for a sequel, but the acting talent involved in the original have seen their careers launch into new realms. Jesse Eisenberg will presumably be tied up with his work as the DCEU's Lex Luthor, while Emma Stone can pretty much have her pick of roles these days.

However, a new report via Bloody Disgusting suggests that we 're now closer than ever to seeing a Zombieland sequel put into production. As the report correctly points out, Sony has been rumored to be zeroing in on the idea of a Zombieland sequel for a couple of years now, and just last month Jesse Eisenberg revealed plans were in place to get the project up and running.

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"Yeah, it'd be wonderful to do," Eisenberg said in an interview with EW in March. "I know they've been trying to do it for a while, and I know they're trying to figure out exactly what will occur in it. But it's a kind of movie that, as soon as it came out, seemed appropriate to generate a sequel. … It takes place in this odd, created world and features an ensemble of interesting characters that it'd be curious to see more of. I would hope that it happens, and I'm sure everybody would be happy to do it if it happens and it's good. It's also a strangely beloved movie, so it's a thing you have to get right. Some sequels you don't have to get exactly right, but this is the kind of movie you have to get right because people like it for personal reasons, even though it's a zombie comedy."
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BD's report states that a number of casting sites are starting to gear up for the production starting in Atlanta this summer. Couple this with the fact that Sony had the Zombieland logo on display at Cinemacon earlier this month, and it's looking likely that we need to start limbering-up for another visit to a classic Zombie comedy.

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