Is Orphan Black About to Become a Zombie Show?

Friday, 29 April 2016 - 10:18AM
Orphan Black
Friday, 29 April 2016 - 10:18AM
Last night's episode of Orphan Black, "The Stigmata of Progress," was a little more disjointed than the first two episodes of the season, but like even the most incohesive episodes of Orphan Black, it was chock-full of individually great moments and scenes. Between the battle of wills between Rachel and her even more heartless mother, the return of Ari Millen's Castor clones (who are apparently all programmed to have mommy issues no matter their upbringing), Felix's hilarious high persona, and the high comedy of Helena pretending to be Alison (because of course Alison would be most concerned about her "hostessing" duties while being interrogated by the police), there was a lot to love here.

And that's before we even get to the body horror, which has already been ramped up in a big way this season. It strained credulity that Sarah would have trusted the evil Neolution dentist to perform some sort of procedure on her in the first place (isn't she a former con artist?? She would never be this trusting) the scene in which Sarah is threatened with that wonderfully disturbing death-by-tentacled-parasite was terrifying. And, of course, there was Rachel's beautiful but painful-to-watch pigment treatment, because you can never go wrong with gross-out gags involving eyes. 

I wrote in my review of the season premiere that the show was getting back to its roots as a stripped-down, occasionally gory conspiracy thriller, but is this increased body horror going to translate into a full-on foray into the horror genre? At one point in the episode, Cosima is taking care of Kira (because literally everyone takes care of Kira except for her mother, even random comic book store guys), when Kira starts to have a waking dream/vision, as creepy supernatural kids are wont to do. She tells Cosima that the sister clones were setting Sarah on fire, and when Cosima says they would never do that, Kira says, "You had to. Because she was changing." (CHILLING.) We already know that the robot maggot can release chemicals into its host, because it would have had to release anesthetic in order to remain undetected for so long. So does this mean that the maggot is going to release some sort of pod person/zombie chemical into Sarah's brain?

This would be a big gear shift for the show, but I definitely wouldn't put it past them. Many fans speculated when that crazy worm thing first happened in the third season finale that it was some sort of brainwashing tool from Neolution, and although their motivations are still a little spotty, it would be pretty on-brand for this show if they were trying to create some sort of zombie clone army. We'll have to wait and see what happens, but I would guess that Orphan Black, which is usually pretty straight sci-fi, is about to delve into a few horror movie tropes.

Best One-Liners

"Hello, husband Donald." - Helena

The entire explanation of Leekie's death- Cosima: "You killed Aldous Leekie?"
Donnie: "Boy, did I ever! Yeah."
Alison: "Cosima, there will be a time to debate the dos and don't of certain decisions later."

"She's a scientist and a lesbian. She's not going to let it slide." - Alison

"I would say 'quite', if I had to put a number to it." - Felix, too high to remember what numbers are

"Now go rent a jackhammer." 
"Maybe we should just buy one." - Alison and Donnie's suburban marriage
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