All of the Reveals from the Independence Day: Resurgence Viral Marketing

Monday, 09 May 2016 - 11:09AM
Independence Day: Resurgence
Monday, 09 May 2016 - 11:09AM
Independence Day: Resurgence is going viral with its marketing, releasing a new recruitment video for the Earth Space Defense and a viral website with lots of Easter Egg goodness:

In the video, Sela Ward's President Lanford and William Fichtner's General Adams are pulling an Uncle Sam and asking YOU to join the ESD. And conveniently enough, they've provided you a link where you can actually enlist. And if you can blow past the fact that the film has disturbingly teamed up with the U.S. Army somehow, you can complete four different missions that lead you to four featurettes for the film, which reveal new footage and information about the aliens and Earth's defenses against them.

Alien Telepathy Serum

The most revealing mission involves creating an "alien telepathy serum" in order to eliminate the alien microbes that can "control human consciousness," the same ones that launched a psychic attack against President Whitmore in the first film. Now, Bill Pullman's character still has the microbes in his head (which explains the Broody Beard of Misery), but the characters still state that they have "isolated the alien strain," so it seems that a serum has been made that renders them unable to control humans, but doesn't actually remove them from the brain. Or, possibly, the characters will make the serum during the film, but that seems like a big spoiler.

Moon Base on Rhea

We knew that the human race had built moon bases in the interim since the first film, but we just assumed that the bases would be on Earth's moon. In one mission, which requires you to thwart an attack against the human race by breaking an alien code, we find out that the humans have established a base on Saturn's moon Rhea.

Human/Alien Hybrid Technology

We already knew that the humans had integrated alien technology into their defenses against the extraterrestrials, but the site provides our first insight into what that means. Apparently the Human/Alien hybrid spaceship, the "moon tug," uses extraterrestrial "anti-gravity thrusters." This technology, also called a "reactionless drive," is a device that generates motion without any sort of propellant. They're a staple of science fiction, but have never been proven to be possible in real life (so maybe scientists will be inspired by this film?).
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