It Sounds Like The Rock Is Playing Another Comic Book Character

Tuesday, 17 May 2016 - 7:07PM
Tuesday, 17 May 2016 - 7:07PM
Dwayne 'The Rock Johnson looks more like a real-life superhero than just about anybody on the planet, so it's no surprise that he's being tapped more and more to star in comic book adaptations. He starred as the Radical Comics' graphic novel version of Hercules in 2014's Hercules, he's set to portray the villainous Black Adam in DC Comics' upcoming Shazam!, and now he may have just confirmed a starring role in an upcoming film about a hero from the Golden Age of comics.

Johnson posted a photo on Instagram showcasing some of his upcoming script work, and mentioned that he's going over a project by director Shane Black that's set to shoot in 2017. Black previously stated that he's planning to work on a Doc Savage film in 2017, and that he wants Johnson to star, so this seems to indicated that the hulking actor will be playing the Man of Bronze in an upcoming film adaptation of the pulp hero.

Finding our anchor. When I'm shooting on location I always need a space where I can work and keep building the enterprise. Here in Georgia this has been my space for months now. Keepin' it country. Every film, TV show, partnership and project we develop gets handled from here. When I feel good about it, it goes in the pile to the left that clearly reflects my OCD. When I'm still making adjustments, it stays on the pile on the right. All contracts that need signing remain in the middle. On the iPad I'm reading an outline for a cool movie I'll make in 2017 (with director Shane Black) and when I get tired and need a lil' pick me up, the shaker cup holds a special shot of energy - Elk piss. The more complicated our lives get, the more we need simple spaces like this to anchor us. In simplistic terms, find your work space and anchor to help you keep your shit together. #AndDontTryDrinkingElkPiss #IWasKidding #ItsLionBlood

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"On the iPad I'm reading an outline for a cool movie I'll make in 2017 (with director Shane Black)," Johnson writes alongside the photo. In case you're unaware, Doc Savage dates back to the 1930s where he first appeared in pulp magazines before moving onto novels, comics, radio, and films. He's an old school adventurer who was raised from birth to have the peak intelligence, strength, and other attributes, effectively making the world's most perfect human. So yeah, The Rock sounds like a pretty solid casting choice to us.
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