Mark Hamill Says He “Just Can’t Quit” the Joker

Saturday, 28 May 2016 - 3:10PM
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Saturday, 28 May 2016 - 3:10PM
When people think of the Joker today, the first image that undoubtedly arises in most minds is Heath Ledger's revolutionary take on the character from 2008's The Dark Knight. However, for an entire generation of 80s and 90s kids, the mental image is just a little bit different.    

Mark Hamill has voiced the Joker since the critically acclaimed masterpiece that was Batman: The Animated Series. His haunting, maniacal, and crazed laugh is likely forever stuck in the heads of everyone who grew up hearing it. Since then, he's continued to voice the character in the grand majority of DC's animated films and video games. Though it was thought that he might be giving up the role after Batman: Arkham City, he made a surprise return in Rocksteady's third installation to their video game trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight.

After that, Hamill made it known that he would voice the Joker again should DC ever decide to do an animated adaptation of Alan Moore and Brian Bolland's best-selling graphic novel, The Killing Joke. Of course, that became a reality, and now it seems that Hamill is here to stay and become the voice of the Joker for an entirely new generation, as he was also announced to return for the Cartoon Network TV show, Justice League Action, which will likely premiere sometime in the next year.

As Hamill has played the Joker longer than any other actor, it's no surprise that he's spent more than a bit of time trying to get inside the Clown Prince of Crime's warped head. In the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, he had this to offer about arguably the most intriguing super villain of all time:

Opening quote
Joker is always frustrated because he doesn't think of himself as a villain…He thinks of himself as an under-appreciated genius. The citizens of Gotham City don't accord him the reverence and the acclaim he feels he deserves. I give him that theatrical impresario voice, like the Jose Ferrer character in Enter Laughing. The Joker has a flamboyance that appeals to me. He enjoys what he does so much. I just can't quit him.
Closing quote

Of course, the most exciting bit out of this is that it would seem Hamill has no intentions of giving up the role anytime soon, which will no doubt make a lot of fans very, very happy. However, the glimpse into the Joker's mind that he also offered fans with this quote is also quite intriguing as well.

Anyone who's watched Hamill's version of the Joker knows that this description fits him perfectly. He does have more of a classic criminal attitude about him than some other iterations (such as Ledger's anarchist), but the reason he ultimately does all of the crazy things that he does is to show off his comedic, criminal genius.

The adaptation of the Killing Joke comes out August 2nd just before the premiere of Suicide Squad on the 5th. It's one of DC's most anticipated animated movies of all time, and with veterans like Hamill and Kevin Conroy taking the mic on such a classic and beloved comic, it's certain to be a lot of crazy fun.
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