Karl Urban: There is No Dredd Sequel in Development

Wednesday, 22 June 2016 - 7:01AM
Wednesday, 22 June 2016 - 7:01AM
Are you ready for your latest bump, twist and turn in the rollercoaster journey that is Dredd 2? Just days after Karl Urban seemed to suggest progress was being made on a sequel to the cult hit, the actor has taken to Twitter to break all of our hearts one more time.

It was only last weekend, at Denver Comic Con, that Urban hinted things were ticking along nicely on the project. Now, though, it looks like we're all being brought back down to Earth, because Urban has said that, while options are on the table, there is no sequel in development.

Urban's use of quotations around the word "development" is likely to be in response to a number of headlines that emerged in the wake of his panel at Denver Comic Con. Whether he was misquoted, or his words were simply misconstrued, it looks like things are moving far slower than we had hoped. 

All that disappointment aside, Urban's latest tweet did offer up a reason for optimism. The fact that options are being discussed is a development in itself. In the past, Urban has said that studios will be "gun-shy" about a sequel after the first movie flopped at the box office. But the New Zealander, who is about to star in Star Trek Beyond, believes strongly that Dredd was a victim of poor marketing, and he remains resolute in his mission to see the franchise continued in some way, shape, or form.

This year, a flurry of activity in the geekiest corners of the internet was brought about when Urban responded positively to the idea of getting Netflix of Amazon to create a Dredd TV series. As we saw with Fox's Deadpool, this kind of fan response can work wonders for a project, so the modus operandi for Dredd fans should be, as it always has been, to let the world and the studios know what you want.
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