Here’s How Zack Snyder Gave Us His Version of a Post-Credits Scene

Saturday, 25 June 2016 - 2:46PM
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Saturday, 25 June 2016 - 2:46PM
Remember when that scene of Lex Luthor standing in front of the alien creature (rumoured to be Steppenwolf) and the mother boxes was released just a couple days after Batman v Superman began playing in theaters? Well, apparently there was a reason it was done that way: it was Zack Snyder's own version of a post-credits scene.

When Comic Book Resources was invited to the set of Justice League last week, one of the reporters was able to ask Zack about the scene under discussion. Here's a bit of the transcript:

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That deleted scene from "BvS" that was released the Monday after, did you deliberately put it out there to sow the seeds for "Justice League?" Most of us are used to getting deleted scenes on a Blu-ray.

I kind thought like, 'Oh, that would be a cool after-credits sequence.' But then I was like, 'I don't know, can I do that?' Because Marvel does that. 'Is that a thing?' So we were like, 'Oh! Well, maybe there's another way to do it.'
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Personally, I thought the scene was kind of pointless, as it was already heavily implied that Lex knew about the oncoming threat from the Kryptonian ship to begin with - this scene with the mother boxes would have been beating a dead horse. Also, it's good that they didn't go with this for a post-credits scene, as it was pretty underwhelming compared to most of those being done by Marvel.

Snyder's assumption that post-credits scenes are a MCU thing, however, is false. Fox has been doing it with their X-Men movies longer than Marvel Studios has, and the Constantine movie with Keanu Reeves had one as well. Of course, there are actually quite a large number of movies that have employed post-credit scenes in the past, the MCU is really just responsible for making it a regular and popular occurrence.

There was a rumor going around that there would be a montage at the end of the film, similar to the one for the intro of Watchmen, and that this montage would essentially serve as DC's own version of a post-credits scene. However, that rumor ended up proving false for Batman v Superman, which was super disappointing. It's one of the things that Snyder has proven to be able to do extremely well, and as the differences between a Watchmen-like montage and a post-credits scene are pretty self evident, he wouldn't have had to worry about people claiming he was "copying" Marvel.

In reality, Marvel has no room to talk when it comes to "copying." The big bad they've been building towards since the inception of the MCU is Thanos, a character created by Jim Starlin, who when talking about how he got the ideas for certain aspects of the character, once used the words "rip off" and "Darkseid" in the very same sentence.  

Honestly, DC and Marvel are such different beasts that the DCEU shouldn't be worried about being too similar to the MCU. As long as they're not deliberately trying to make it like the MCU, the characters of the DCEU will no doubt direct the narrative of the universe in a totally unique direction.

As of now, it looks like Snyder has taken fan feedback into account and aims to take Justice League into a different direction. Here's to hoping that pays off when it hits theaters in November of 2017.
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