55,000 Fans Voted Doctor Who the Best Sci-Fi Show of All Time

Wednesday, 06 July 2016 - 11:23AM
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Wednesday, 06 July 2016 - 11:23AM
The fans have spoken--or 55,000 of them, at least--and Doctor Who is officially the fan favorite sci-fi show. In a new poll from Digital Spy, the time traveling British series won over 54 other classic sci-fi shows, narrowly beating out Babylon 5 and Firefly.

Of the nearly 55,000 votes in the poll, which didn't include comic book or animated shows, Doctor Who received 4,900, which was less than 100 votes more than close second Babylon 5. Classic cancelled-too-soon space Western Firefly came in third at 3,200, followed by other staples like Stargate, Star Trek, X-Files, and Battlestar.

Here's the full top ten list:

Opening quote
1. Doctor Who - 4.9k
2. Babylon 5 - 4.8k
3. Firefly - 3.2k
4. Stargate SG-1 - 2.4k
5. Star Trek: The Next Generation - 2.3k
6. Star Trek: The Original Series - 2k
7. Farscape - 1.8k
9. The X-Files - 1.6k
10. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - 1.6k
Closing quote

To be fair, Digital Spy is a British publication, so its readers may have been more likely to be exposed to Doctor Who than the general population. But then again, Black Mirror is pretty far down the list at 47 (way too far down, in our opinion), so Doctor Who probably won because it's a great show and because it has a passionate fan base. Plus, it's had plenty of time to become a fan favorite show; new shows were generally pretty far down the list, and I doubt that in a few years more people would vote for shows like V or Falling Skies before they'd vote for Black Mirror or Humans.
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