Disney is Planning a Reboot/Sequel to The Rocketeer

Thursday, 28 July 2016 - 12:45PM
Thursday, 28 July 2016 - 12:45PM
Disney is Planning a Reboot/Sequel to The Rocketeer
It's been over two and half decades since Joe Johnston's 'The Rocketeer' first hit theaters back in 1991, but it now looks like Disney is ready to return to the steam-punky sci-fi adventure property with a new reboot/sequel reportedly in the works. 

According to THR, Disney is looking to give fans of the original movie what they've always wanted....a sequel. Imaginatively titled 'The Rocketeers', the reboot/sequel will reportedly make one major change to the original movie by focusing on a black female lead.

When it was first released, The Rocketeer was a major flop at the box-office, but as we've seen happen time and time again with various properties, the movie garnered a huge cult following of fans who loved the carefree adventurous style of the story. As THR reports, the new movie will stay roughly within the same time-period, but the casting of a female African-American lead will help drag the franchise into the 21st century and make it feel more relevant to a modern audience.


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The new take keeps the story in a period setting and offers a fresh view on the characters. Set six years after the original Rocketeer and after Secord has vanished while fighting the Nazis, an unlikely new hero emerges: a young African–American female pilot, who takes up the mantle of Rocketeer in an attempt to stop an ambitious and corrupt rocket scientist from stealing jetpack technology in what could prove to be a turning point in the Cold War.
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