Everything We Learnt About the State of the Galaxy From Reading Star Wars Aftermath

Friday, 04 September 2015 - 10:22AM
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Friday, 04 September 2015 - 10:22AM
Force Friday is upon us, and that means that hundreds of pieces of new Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise have been made available to the public. One of those new treats is Chuck Wendig's novel, Star Wars Aftermath. Not long ago, we wrote about how Star Wars Aftermath is the most important Star Wars book in years, thanks to it's position in the new Star Wars Canon timeline. Aftermath picks up almost immediately after the credits rolled in Return of the Jedi, and it is therefore the first piece in the puzzle that will eventually fill the 30+ year gap between the original trilogy and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

While Aftermath as a book is sometimes a bit of a struggle to get through, it is loaded with information about the state of the galaxy since Palpatine's defeat. To do this, Wendig flits across the galaxy giving 2-4 page snapshots and updates on some of the franchise's biggest names. Here are a few of the more interesting nuggets of information we learnt from reading Star Wars Aftermath.

1. There's a Major Power Vacuum

As you might expect, the death of the galaxy's two most powerful figures has left something of a power vacuum. Nobody within the Imperial organization has stepped forward to stake a claim on the leadership, and the Rebels are trying to take full advantage of the disarray. But while the Rebels enjoy multiple victories, their advantage will not last long....

2. Imperial Big-Wigs Unite

Recognizing the dire situation their regime is in, some of the Empire's more senior figures organize a secret meeting on a remote planet called Akiva. This group includes, among others, a Dark Side acolyte, and a self-appointed Grand Moff. Through a thin veil of cooperation, each member of this secret council attempts to seize power for themselves.

3. Han and Chewie's Secret Mission

With no moment's rest since their victory at Endor, Han and Chewie are dispatched to multiple worlds in order to tackle the shadowy crime families that are helping the Empire stay afloat. But when they receive a distressing message from the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, Han opts to drop their current mission and go to help his best friend's people.

4. The Imperial Fleet Has Waned

Gone are the days when the Empire had one of the largest fleets the Galaxy had ever seen. In Aftermath, the Imperial fleet now has just one Super Star Destroyer to its name. That Super Star Destroyer is under the command of a ruthless Admiral who goes on to play a major role in this book. Admiral Rae Sloane's possession of the Super Star Destroyer becomes a major bone of contention for the other Imperial leaders...and they're probably right to be worried.

5. Vader's Lightsaber

Though we may have seen Darth Vader's Lightsaber meet a similar fate to the Emperor in Return of the Jedi, Aftermath suggests that Vader's iconic red blade may have fallen into the possession of a shadowy organization. At one point in the book, a merchant convinces three mysterious figures that the blade in his possession is truly that of the mighty Darth Vader. The trio claim they want to destroy the Lightsaber in order to reunite it with its master, which leads us to believe these may be a few of Kylo Ren's Vader-obsessive buddies.

6. The Fate of Boba Fett

Sorry, we're teasing you a bit there, because the book never explicitly mentions Boba Fett, but it does drop a few massive hints as to his fate. On Tatooine, a group of Jawas have possession of a treasure trove of items that would appear to hail from the carnage on Jabba's sail boat. Included in this stash is a set of Mandalorian armor that appears to have been worn down considerably by some form of acid. Could this be Fett's armor? If so, how did it find it's way out of the Sarlacc pit?

7. Someone is Killing Baby Stormtroopers

The Empire is still fighting the fight, and in order to do so they have to train new recruits. In a disturbing scene, a group of young Imperial recruits are being taken to an academy for training, but when they arrive they discover that the building is ablaze and surrounded by New Republic soldiers. With those soldiers is a mysterious figure known as 'The Rebel', and while he doesn't ever say it, Wendig appears to hint that this man is none other than Luke Skywalker. Could Luke really be involved in something as dark as the eradication of Imperial younglings? 

8. The New Republic's First Mistake

With Palpatine toppled, the New Republic must act quickly to ensure that the previously-oppressed planets sign up to join a new Galaxy-wide order. Mon Mothma is the head of the New Republic's Senate, and in what may well be her first big mistake since victory at Endor, Mothma suggests that they should reduce their military presence at key planets to ensure they give off the right message. A nice sentiment that may be, but it's certainly not a wise one.

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What We Learned: State of the Galaxy From Reading Star Wars Aftermath

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