How Virtual Reality Will Soon Revolutionize Sports Viewing

Monday, 08 February 2016 - 3:21PM
Virtual Reality
Monday, 08 February 2016 - 3:21PM
Virtual Reality is rapidly becoming the darling of the Entertainment industry, with video game developers clamouring to utilize the technology, and even major filmmakers like Stephen Spielber and Ridley Scott working on VR exclusive projects. But after last night's NFL shenanigans, many are wondering how long it will be until VR starts impacting the world of sports entertainment. The answer to such a question is simp

In a new video, the people behind LiveLikeVR, show us how their VR technology could soon start to revolutionize the way we watch sports at home. 

If LiveLike get their way, watching the big game will no longer be a passive experience. With the use of VR, you'll essentially be able to direct the broadcast of a game based on exactly what you want to see, which angle you want to see it from, and at what point you want to see it. As with the gaming industry, technology will soon also make watching sports a far more social event, even if you're at home on your own. Through Virtual Reality, you'll be able to join your friends in a virtual lounge that allows you to exchange banter about the game, and influence each other's experiences.

As the video highlights, watching sports at home will no longer be a one way experience. Through VR and internet connectivity, we'll have access to dozens of features related to the game from a virtual stadium with a mind-boggling number of viewpoints to choose from, to the virtual lounge that would allow you to watch multiple games simultaneously, all without never needing to leave your seat.

It's not hard to see why major sports leagues and individual teams are keen to get involved with this technology. By giving fans more control over what they see, they are ensuring a more personalized and satisfactory experience, regardless of what the result of the game is. There's also, no doubt, countless options for selling advertising space.

While VR will be the means with which to bring the broadcasts into your home, there are other technologies being developed to help enrich the experience. FirstVision is a wearable technology that will one day allow us to view games from the first person perspective of the superstar athletes on the pitch. In addition to this innovative first person perspective, First Vision even allows viewers to get info on an athlete's key stats, such as heart rate and current speed. 

The integration of such technologies with VR is not a million miles away. In the near future, sports entertainment is going to go from yelling at the TV to feeling as though you're in the stadium or on the pitch right alongside the fans and athletes you adore.
Virtual Reality

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