Superman Would Win Every Superhero Fight, According to Science

Monday, 13 June 2016 - 11:11AM
Monday, 13 June 2016 - 11:11AM
We always suspected that, physically speaking, Batman was a little outmatched in a fight against Superman. But now, we have scientific proof, as a new study just dubbed Superman the "best-equipped superhero."

The study, which comes from the University of Leicester, aimed to settle that age-old nerd question--"Who would win in a fight?"--once and for all. Using scientific principles to evaluate different heroes' powers--including Superman, Wolverine, Mystique, Batman, The Flash, Thor, Iron Man, The Lizard, Spiderman, Ice Man, Silver Surfer and Black Bolt.--they found that Superman is the "best" superhero, in the sense that he is likely to win in any showdown. They cited his his "Super Flare" attack, which they estimated would have an energy output of 7.07×105 Joules per second, as well as his  high-density muscle tissue, as assets that would make him the most formidable opponent. 

On the Marvel side, the students found that Wolverine, Mystique, and Thor are in the "upper-tier" of powerful superheroes, since they have regenerative abilities, gene manipulation techniques, and high energy output, respectively. Thor is the first to come to mind as a competitor to Superman, since he's also a demi-god, but according to the students his hammer only outputs 5.97×1018 Joules per second, which doesn't quite match up to Superman.

The superhero deemed the least effective was Batman, which isn't too surprising, considering he doesn't actually have superpowers. According to the students' calculations, Batman would barely be able to survive a glider landing due to the high velocity and his lack of regenerative or durability powers. So I guess that settles the "Batman v Superman" debate once and for all, although Batman can always take comfort in the fact that his underdog status makes him much more of a fan favorite.
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