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Friday, 01 July 2016 - 1:30PM
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Friday, 01 July 2016 - 1:30PM
What would happen if you decapitated Deadpool? In the movie, we saw that he can re-grow entire body parts with his regeneration abilities, so would his body re-grow his head, would his head re-grow his body, or would be end up with two regenerated Wade Wilsons? Nerdist's Kyle Hill tackles this burning question in the latest episode of Because Science:

Even without science, it's a tough call. The body re-growing the head seems to make more logical sense, but unlike a hand, we associate a head with a person's identity, since it contains the brain. So it's hard to imagine Wade's snarky, fourth-wall-breaking head dying while his body grows a new one. According to Hill's informal poll, fans are pretty split, but most of them think we'd end up with two Deadpools:

Hill explains that, judging from real-life animals that can regenerate entire body parts, the primary obstacles are time and resources. For the latter, it would be pretty impossible for a head to regrow an entire body, since there aren't enough cells in the head to compose it. As a result, it seems more likely that the body would regrow the head. However, this isn't a satisfactory answer, either, since growing the head would simply take too much time. If, as we saw in the film, regrowing a hand takes several days, then there's no way Deadpool could regrow a head before bleeding out, dying of thirst, dying of shock, etc.

But this is science fiction, after all, so maybe we can assume that there's some safeguard against any of those things happening. But still, looking to the comics, there's no consistent answer. Sometimes the body regrows a head, sometimes the head regrows a body, sometimes the head needs to be reattached to the body so it can heal, and at one point a bunch of severed body parts fused together to become Evil Deadpool. So what's the in-universe answer?

Hill asked Jordan D. White, one of the editors on the Deadpool comics series, for his input:

Opening quote
"I would say that the existence of Evil Deadpool suggests that the body would re-grow a head, so my best guess is that when he is hurt and damaged, the biggest piece that is left over is the one that re-grows the rest of his body. So if his entire body is atomized except for his hand, the hand would regrow the rest of him. But if it's body versus head, then the body will re-grow it."
Closing quote

But at the same time, White acknowledges that that's not always true, and often the Deadpool head keeps snarking after it's cut off. "So I think the real answer is that we're inconsistent." Well, at least they can admit that.
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