London Science Museum Explores 500 Years of Robots

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 - 7:35PM
Tuesday, 07 February 2017 - 7:35PM
London Science Museum Explores 500 Years of Robots
'Metropolis,' UFA
The Science Museum in London is taking a bold step into our future (by looking into the past) with a new exhibit all about robots. The exhibit, simply named "Robots," aims to take a look at the 500-or-so-year journey from the early 16th century automatons to modern machines, through both reality and science fiction. 

Of course, an assortment of interactive robots will be on display for the general public to interact with. Some are old, sixteenth century automatons designed to look like monks, while others are more modern robot toys and recreations of famous movie machines (such as the one from Fritz Lang's groundbreaking Metropolis in 1927).


Ian Blatchford, director of the Science Museum Group, explains his vision for the exhibit on the museum's website:
Opening quote
"This exhibition explores the uniquely human obsession of recreating ourselves, not through paint or marble but in metal. Seeing robots through the eyes of those who built or gazed in awe at them reveal much about humanity's hopes, fears and dreams."
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In tandem with the exhibit, the Science Museum will also be hosting a wide variety of robot-themed events, ranging from a robot comedy show to screenings of Metropolis with a live score, to all sort of panels and discussions on the future of AI. And through March, there'll be live performances by the Silver Swan, a musical device that dates back to the 1770's.

"Robots" runs from February 8 through September 3, 2017. But its growing hype could perhaps lead to similar or traveling exhibits popping up elsewhere, if you don't have easy access to London.

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