Scientists Record The First Natural Occurrence Of Ball Lightning

Friday, 17 January 2014 - 3:16PM
Friday, 17 January 2014 - 3:16PM
Scientists Record The First Natural Occurrence Of Ball Lightning


Footage of the brief display of ball lightning is now online. The 11 second clip slows down the spectacular event, which actually lasted for just under 2 seconds real time.


A team of Chinese scientists believe they have made the first ever recording of ball lightning in a natural environment and will publish their findings in an upcoming paper. The rare phenomena has been described numerous times in eye-witness accounts, but until now video footage of ball lightning has never been achieved.


The team of scientists were observing a thunderstorm in Western China when they made their once in a lifetime discovery. After a powerful bolt of lightning struck the ground, a bright pulsating ball approximately 5 meters wide rose up in the air. The scientists state that the ball was airborne for just 1.6 seconds, however their video kit and spectrograph was thankfully able to record the whole event.


Often theorized, but never proven, ball lightning is thought to be the cause of many UFO sightings in which witnesses describe glowing balls of lights mysteriously appearing out of nowhere. But now it would seem that these witnesses can rest easy in the fact that they weren't hallucinating and that what they saw was a very real phenomena.


The actualy footage has not yet been released, however, for more information on this discovery, visit New Scientist


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