Bill Nye Vs CNN's Conservative Panel Is Both Triumphant And Painfully Frustrating

Thursday, 08 May 2014 - 4:38PM
Thursday, 08 May 2014 - 4:38PM

Earlier this week, Bill Nye appeared on CNN's Crossfire show to debate the threat posed to our planet by climate change. What happened next was one of the most painfully frustrating moments of the year so far. CNN host S.E Cupp and Nicolas Loris made up the conservative half of the debate, while Nye joined Van Jones on the opposite side of the ring. 


As can happen with debates, whether they be about climate change or evolution, there tends to be a great deal of denial. However, the denial seems incredibly strong with Cupp and Loris with the latter arguing that claims of climate change are part of a big conspiracy by the Government to drive up the cost of fuel. Cupp chose to draw upon the fact that only 35% of Americans believe climate change is a threat, an argument that never stood much of a chance of holding much weight.


As painful as the ignorant views were, though, Nye and Jones did their best to argue their case that climate change is indeed a very real issue. At one point Nye is so incensed at the arguments he is facing, he declares "Hurricane, Shmurricane!" in what has to be the greatest use of the word Shmurricane in TV history. While Nye appeared frustrated, Van Jones was cool as a cucumber and excellently fired across a series of probing questions in the opposition's direction.


We're a big fan of these scientific debates here at Outer Places, and while they won't serve to change the minds of many, at least they get the conversation going which when it comes to issues like climate change, is the most important thing.

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