Great Lakes Brewery Launches 'Spacewalker' Beer in Honor of Ohio's Astronauts

Tuesday, 01 July 2014 - 4:05PM
Tuesday, 01 July 2014 - 4:05PM
Great Lakes Brewery Launches 'Spacewalker' Beer in Honor of Ohio's Astronauts

Ohio— you may know it as the "Buckeye State", or maybe as the "birthplace of aviation." But did you know that Ohio has produced a bizarrely large number of America's astronauts— more than any other state has per-capita?


People in Ohio sure know that. The first astronaut to orbit the earth, the first to set foot on the moon, the first African-American astronaut, and the first woman to walk in space all hail from the Buckeye state. This Ohio claim to Space fame has become part of the Ohio state-identity... It's just one of those weird things.


To honor this incredible legacy, Ohio's very own 'Great Lakes' microbrewery has just launched it's "Spacewalker" Ale...a fitting and refreshing tribute to the state's pioneering adventurers. "Perhaps one of space's great mysteries is why so many of its explorers hail from Ohio," the "Spacewalker" label reads. "In honor of the 25 courageous astronauts who've called Ohio their terrestrial home, and the nine Ohio men and women who have logged hours walking in space, we present this adventurous brew."


"Our [Spacewalker] American Belgo is a trans-continental journey [that combines] bold American hops, candy-sweet Belgian yeast, and a complex blend of malts to boldly go where few beers have gone before," announced the Brewery. 



According to, The brewery held a draft-only, pre-release party for the ale on Friday (June 27), during which the pub also introduced "space pong" - a planetary-take on the classic "beer pong" game - in its tasting room. The limited-edition brew "lifts off" on tap beginning Wednesday morning (July 2).


So as a shout out to Ohio and it's contribution to space travel— we raise a glass!




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