Watch: Video of the World's Eight Most Beautiful Chemical Reactions

Wednesday, 08 October 2014 - 1:28PM
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Wednesday, 08 October 2014 - 1:28PM

Who says science can't be beautiful? Scientists and tech experts from University of Science and Technology of China and the Tsinghua University Press made the following video, which depicts the unexpected beauty of eight different microscopic chemical reactions:



[Credit: L2 Molecule]


The video shows metal displacement, which looks like tiny icicles freezing over, precipitation, which looks like a jellyfish made of smoke, crystallization, which is just as gorgeous as one would expect, bubbling, which is also pretty much exactly what it sounds like, dancing fluorescent droplets, which alternately look like planets orbiting each other and popping party balloons, and candle burning soot, which makes pleasing patterns that look like a meadow. 


The video also includes a depiction of a "chemical garden" reaction:



The above reaction occurs when cobalt chlorine is subsumed in a sodium silicate solution. This is the prettiest of the chemical garden reactions, but certainly not the weirdest, as another of the reactions in the above video looks like an alien, quickly growing creature with antennae eyes.


The video also shows the phenomenon of color change. In this short clip, a wishbone flower changes color when dipped in a sodium hydroxide solution:



According to the project's website, "The goal of this project is to bring the beauty of chemistry to the general public through digital media and technology... We want to achieve a unique aesthetic of chemistry, making chemistry approachable and lovable."

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