What Would Happen if Humans Were Suddenly Wiped Off the Face of the Earth?

Friday, 30 January 2015 - 11:27AM
Friday, 30 January 2015 - 11:27AM

Many recent television shows and movies have explored the concept of the Rapture, in which a significant portion of the human population suddenly disappears without a trace. But what if all humans were wiped off the face of the Earth? Science Youtube channel ASAP Science is here to answer this slightly morbid question:



At first, it would be chaos, with power plants running out of fuel and billions upon billions of farm animals breaking out of their enclosures, encountering both wild animals and our newly adrift domesticated pets. Animals such as rats and cockroaches that depend on humans will suffer, and animals such as head lice will probably go extinct. Our poor pets would likely be out-competed by animals that haven't been bred to be unnaturally tame.


But then, there would also be positive effects of our non-existence. Species around the world would return to their pre-human population levels, although their distribution would never be the same, and the CO2 levels would also return to normal after a few thousand years. Our garbage and radioactive materials would persist for a long time at least, but for the most part nature would, predictably, fare better without us.


The coolest part to imagine though, is what would happen to our cities and towns. Suburban areas, which consist of homes that are still mostly made of timber, would burn down, while underground subway stations would fill with water and boulevards would become rivers. City buildings would be overtaken with weeds and vines. All of this sounds like an amazingly eerie place to visit.

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