Andy Weir's dynamic storytelling, engaging characters, and enthusiasm for astrophysics combined to make THE MARTIAN one of the most exciting literary debuts of recent years. In his eagerly awaited second novel, ARTEMIS, Weir takes us to the moon, delivering a fast-paced thriller in a science-fiction setting. Artemis is the first lunar city and has become a high-end tourist destination. But for those in the service industry, like Jazz Bashara, a porter, it can be hard to make ends meet. Jazz turns to smuggling, never quite taking her life of minor crime seriously. But then the stakes go up and she finds herself involved a conspiracy that extends well beyond Artemis.
Weir will be in conversation with Eliza Barclay, the science, health, and environment editor at

Venue & Address
Sidwell Friends Meeting House
3825 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington DC 20008
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$12.00 / $30.00 + service fee
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