9 Things You Might Not Know About Wonder Woman

Friday, 06 November 2015 - 2:03PM
Wonder Woman
Friday, 06 November 2015 - 2:03PM
9 Things You Might Not Know About Wonder Woman
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Wonder Woman is undoubtedly the most well known female superhero of all time. She's been a massive pop culture icon for almost 75 years, and has achieved almost the same level of popularity as the other two members of the DC trinity, Batman and Superman. Yet other than these very basic facts concerning who Wonder Woman is and what she looks like, most people don't seem to know all that much regarding what this Amazonian princess is all about. And with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice getting prepped to hit the big screen in just a few short months, there's no better time than now to get to know a little bit more about Miss Diana Prince. Here's 9 things everyone needs to know about Wonder Woman: 

She Loves Peace, Not War.

When many people think of Wonder Woman, the first thing that pops into their mind is some fierce Amazonian warrior with a bloodlust. Yet in reality, Diana Prince loves peace and only uses violence as a last resort (but of course that last resort seems to end up becoming necessary all the time). Many iterations of the character are extremely patient, giving her enemies every chance to step down before going after them with her swords, bracers, and lasso of truth. 

Her Origins Recently Underwent a BIG Change.

When George Perez rebooted the character in the 80's, he gave her what is often seen as the definitive Wonder Woman origin story. The Amazons were created by the Greek gods in an attempt to create a race that would not forget them and who would never bow down before the god of War, Ares. Their bodies were inhabited by the souls of women who were unjustly struck down by men in their past lives. Yet one soul remained – the soul of a child who died with her mother while still in the womb. 

Eventually, Hippolyta was instructed to make a child out of clay.  The gods then made the clay child into a living, breathing Amazon by instilling in it the final soul in the Well of Rebirth. As the Amazons were created as grown women, Diana was the first child to ever grow up on Paradise Island. She was given the ability of speed and flight by Hermes, power and strength from Demeter, great beauty and a loving heart from Aphrodite, wisdom from Athena, the eye of the hunter from Artemis, and sisterhood 'with fire' from Hestia. And when the gods decided a champion was needed to save the world from Ares, she entered the Amazons' tournament and proved herself as the mightiest Amazon of them all. Not long after, she was off to save the world. 

However, the New 52 reboot in 2011 gave her a completely new origin story, and it's actually equally as interesting. In this iteration of Wonder Woman, her mother Hippolyta reveals that she was not made of clay – this was simply a story her mother told the world to keep her safe from Hera, wife of Zeus. Hera, angered over her philandering husband's affairs, often did everything in her power to kill the children from Zeus' other relationships. And of course, Diana was one of those children. This gave Diana a biological family composed of gods, demigods, and an Amazonian queen. Yet just like in classical Greek mythology, this family of gods is not a happy one, and it often causes a great deal of strife for Diana. 

She's Now The God of War And Queen of the Amazons.

The New 52 Ares is definitely not the Ares of the pre-52 era, and he actually served as somewhat of a mentor to Diana. However, when the First Born was about to kill him and gain the role of the new God of War, Diana did the deed first to prevent the villain from gaining so much power. Likewise, after Hippolyta was turned to clay as a sick joke by Hera, the princess of the Amazons soon became the queen. 

She's Got a New Costume.

Wonder Woman originally got her costume as the result of winning the tournament that made her champion of Themyscira. It belonged to a long dead, courageous and revered Amazonian warrior. And though there have been variations of the costume over the years, she's now ditched the classic star spangled briefs for something she believes is more adult. Speaking of her two costumes in Wonder Woman #41, Diana said: 

Opening quote
I was still just a girl when I first put on this costume and left Themyscira for the world of men. A girl with a lot to prove to her mother, to the Amazons, and to herself. I lost a lot and learned a lot since then, about myself, and about the people around me. I've taken on roles that I never wanted, but couldn't refuse. Every day is a struggle to do justice to those roles while remaining true to myself. This new costume is a symbol of that. It's a reflection of everything I am now: god, queen, warrior for justice. It's finally time for me to leave the girl behind and embrace the woman I've become.
Closing quote

It's definitely a new spin on the time honored costume, but it's really good to see that DC has decided to go with something more practical instead of the stereotypical female superhero costumes that seem to be made purely for eye candy.

Her Sword Can Cause a Nuclear Explosion.

When General Zod trapped Supes and Wonder Woman inside a nuclear reactor during his attempt to open the gates of the Phantom Zone, Wonder Woman admits that her sword can literally split atoms. With Superman's ability to see things at the atomic level, they use the sword to cause a nuclear explosion, effectively stopping Zod in his tracks.  

She's Outsmarted Gods.

Most people think of Diana as a girl who shoots first and asks questions later, but that's not exactly the case. While she often has to use a little brute force as well, her fights are usually won because of her intelligence, not because of her crude strength. In fact, when she had been badly beaten and on the verge of death, she convinced the demigod Strife to take her to help by stating that if she died, she would finally have peace – and Strife quite obviously couldn't allow that. Likewise, Wonder Woman ended her first arc in the New 52 not by a brutal beatdown, but by tricking Hades, Poseidon, and Hera all at the same time in order to save the life of a child who was believed at the time to be the heir of Zeus.

The Stars Spangled Briefs Aren't About America.

Though most people assume Wonder Woman wears the briefs as a statement of allegiance to America, that's definitely not the case. When discussing her wardrobe with Black Canary in the Birds of Paradise arc, Diana states 'It's not a flag, Dinah. It's a typically American idea that white stars on a blue field must belong to one country…' 

The Bracers Don't Give Her Power, They Inhibit It.

When going up against Artemis in the New 52's Wonder Woman #12, Wonder Woman removed her bracers. It's then revealed that while they may help with deflecting bullets, their real purpose seems to be keeping Diana from punching holes through people's faces. 

Her New Boyfriend is Superman.

Though they're sort of going through a rough spot right now, Wonder Woman and Superman are kind of a thing. They started their romantic relationship together back in Justice League #12, and not long after they received their own team up series. Historically, Steve Trevor has been the love interest of Wonder Woman and Lois Lane has been the love interest of Superman. Yet DC thought they would shake things up by taking two of the most powerful beings in their universe and making them a couple.  

Wonder Woman has been a huge pop-culture icon for over seven decades. She's smart, strong, and proves quite aptly that some princesses don't need to be saved. With such a great history and her very own film coming out in 2017, it looks like Diana Prince is here to stay, and we couldn't be more happy about it.
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