Disney XD are Going to Broadcast a Special Mario Kart 8 Competition Next Week

Monday, 30 November 2015 - 2:59PM
Monday, 30 November 2015 - 2:59PM
Disney XD are Going to Broadcast a Special Mario Kart 8 Competition Next Week
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Esports are insanely popular right now, with multiple tournaments selling out huge arenas and drawing massive TV audiences. But if you're a casual gamer, you might find DOTA 2 or League of Legends tournaments a little overwhelming. Luckily for you, Disney XD is about to give E-Sports an injection of family fun with a special hour-long Mario Kart tournament, set to air next week.

'Clash of Karts: Mario Kart 8' will feature 8 of "America's best young gamers" (ages range from 13-17), who will be joined by a host of well known Youtube personalities. With an elimination style format, the show should be able to capitalize on the excitement that Mario Kart games can generate, and given Disney XD's younger audience, this could draw a significant crowd.

Of course, this is not Disney XD's first foray into the world of Esports. Last , the network aired a special program from the Nintendo World Championships, which was held at E3 back in June. Both parties have clearly seen enough benefit to continue the partnership that could help them make inroads to a burgeoning market.

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"Our first experiment earlier in the year was a formal event that was like a decathlon of eSports," said Disney XD's Marc Buhaj. "We wanted to focus on a single game with this special and have a more intimate event."
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The four Youtube personalities in question are Minecraft star Seth Bling, Mari Takahasi aka Atomic Mari, Meghan Camarena, and comedian Andre Meadows. But really, we're just hoping to see some finishes as close as the one in the video below.

Clash of Karts: Mario Kart 8 airs on Disney XD, December 5th at 8pm

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