10 Things the New Batman v Superman Trailer Didn’t Spoil About the Movie

Thursday, 03 December 2015 - 7:30PM
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Batman v Superman
Thursday, 03 December 2015 - 7:30PM
10 Things the New Batman v Superman Trailer Didn’t Spoil About the Movie
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The new Batman v Superman trailer is finally here, and though it may be mind blowingly awesome, it probably ended up showing just a little bit more than many fans really wanted to see. The big bad is clearly Lex Luthor, but there was obviously going to be a bigger threat that would unite the heroes towards the end of the film. Now there's no more speculation about what that threat might be, as Doomsday was confirmed to appear in the movie. Likewise, what seems to be Batman and Superman's first meeting of Wonder Woman was revealed, and though it was a glorious moment, it was so glorious that it really shouldn't have been included in a trailer. With such big moments being spoiled beforehand, it's hard not to walk away thinking that the whole film was already given away in a neatly packaged 3 minute long video clip.

Don't fret too much, however. Though trailer #2 may have been a bit on the spoilery side, there is still A LOT of world building and plot developments that have yet to be revealed, most of which can only be revealed in theaters. Here's 10 things which the new trailer didn't spoil about the movie that fans can still get excited about:

At What Point Do the Characters Learn Each Other's Secret Identities?

The conversation between Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne at the start of the trailer was arguably the best part, and some fans have been speculating just how much the two know about each other. Clark clearly doesn't know Bruce is Batman as he has to ask who he is when he leaves his car, but has the World's Greatest Detective already deduced the identity of Superman? Potentially one of the most climactic points in the movie could be when Bruce and Clark realize each other's alter egos, and that's something that fans are still left guessing about.

How Does Lex Lose His Hair?

There's been promo images of Lex with his signature bald look, so we know his iconic cue-ball look is coming at some point. Does he lose it due to a lab experiment gone wrong? Is it a result of Kryptonite poisoning? Or could it be something else entirely?

How Does Kryptonite Come Into Play?

The first trailer of B v S contains a shot of Lex admiring a piece of Kryptonite, so it's clearly going to have some significance in the film. Will he give some of it to Bruce Wayne, as he does in Brian Azzarello's Lex Luthor: Man of Steel? Does he use it in his experiments with General Zod's body? Is that what's in Batman's gun that can be seen in the closing shot of the trailer? That's one thing that fans probably won't know until March 25th.

Which Members of the Bat Family Will Be Revealed?

A defaced Robin costume can be seen in the scenes from the Bat Cave, and it probably once belonged to Jason Todd, just like in the comics. If so, will the first Robin, Dick Grayson, be mentioned (or even make an appearance)? Likewise, Jena Malone has stayed as quiet as a church mouse concerning her role in the film, but most have come to believe she's either playing Carrie Kelley or Barbara Gordon. It's probably Barbara, but if so, will she be Batgirl or Oracle? Batman v Superman will likely lay the foundation for this Batman's supporting cast, and for die-hard Batman fans, that's one of the most exciting things about B v S.

How Is Doomsday Created and How Is He Defeated?

Using Doomsday as an enemy in the film is brilliant for a number of reasons. First, he once killed Superman, so he's obviously a threat fit for the trinity but a threat just a bit too small for the entire Justice League. Likewise, most comic fans know him and know what he is, so easy recognition adds to why he makes a good fit in comparison to another rumored villain, OMAC. Yet how exactly does Lex construct Doomsday from Zod's body? He clearly won't have the origins he does in the comics. Lex probably intended on controlling the monster at first, so what went wrong? Likewise, how exactly are the trinity able to defeat him and who gets to throw the final punch?

How Exactly Does Wonder Woman Get Involved and Why Doesn't Batman or Superman Know Her Already?

From the scene in the trailer, it would seem as though neither Batman or Superman know who Wonder Woman is when she steps in the way of Doomsday's blast. Yet she's clearly featured in the first trailer, dressed up as if she's going to some celebrity gala or ball. Likewise, promotional images of her and Bruce dancing have been released. Do these take place after the trinity join forces, or do they just not realize that the woman standing between them is Diana Prince? And if no one sought out her help, why does Wonder Woman enter the picture in the first place?

What's the Exact Purpose of the Dream Sequence and Who's Dream Sequence Is It?

Due to the fact that the desert gear Batman shown during this week's sneak peak is being called 'Knightmare Batman' and that some things seem just a bit off in these scenes (can anyone really envision Man of Steel's iteration of Superman allowing human beings to bow down before him?), it seems pretty clear that these particular scenes are part of a dream sequence. Yet, whose dream sequence is it? At first, it would seem as if it could be Batman dreaming of a world where Superman turns corrupt, but there are now other factors. Those flying creatures in the new trailer look an awful lot like Darkseid's parademons from the comics - could this be a vision that Wonder Woman is shown concerning what will happen if the Justice League never forms and Bruce and Clark never join forces? Director Zack Snyder has already said that she's the key to the rest of the Justice League - what if this vision is why Wonder Woman steps into the picture in the first place?

How Are Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash Introduced?

The movie is called Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for a reason. This is the beginnings of the Justice League. Aquaman and Cyborg have been confirmed to be in the film and it seems likely that Ezra Miller's Flash could make a brief appearance as well. Will these just be cameos, or will these characters have more than just a few moments to be introduced in the film? If so, how will they be introduced?

Is the Image of Doomsday That Was Given His Final Form?

There's already been a lot of backlash about Doomsday's physical appearance in the trailer, but he is a character known to evolve throughout his battles. The more he's hit, the stronger he becomes, so it's likely that he'll gain more of his trademark bone spikes throughout the battle. Fans will have to wait until the film premieres to find out, however!

Who Wins in the Fight Between Batman and Superman?

Sure, the two team up at the end, but fans have known that was coming since the film was first announced. So who really wins in the big showdown between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight? Will Batman have Superman in a Frank Miller hold before the two decide that there's no reason to fight? Will Superman have Bats dead to rights before Bruce finally realizes that he's no threat to him? Or will it simply be a clear cut draw, with no clear winner? This is probably the biggest question left about the upcoming film, and no one can deny that it could be the most exciting thing about it.

In the end, Batman v Superman is going to make history. It's the first time the DC trinity has appeared together on the big screen in a live action adaption, and though Man of Steel laid the foundation for the rest of the DCEU, March 25th is when the new universe will really begin to blossom. Sure, there were some moments that seemed a bit spoilery in the new trailer. Yet there's still so much that fans have to be excited about when March comes around.
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