Everything We Learnt From That Amazing Star Wars Rebels Trailer

Monday, 18 January 2016 - 5:20PM
Star Wars
Star Wars Rebels
Monday, 18 January 2016 - 5:20PM
Everything We Learnt From That Amazing Star Wars Rebels Trailer
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This weekend saw the unveiling of a new trailer for the continuation of Star Wars Rebels Season 2, and in case you missed it, it was arguably the best thing the show has created so far. Sure, sure, it's just a trailer, but this trailer showcases how the Rebels will be moving in a very different direction to the previous season and a half.

The footage contained within this 3 minute trailer focuses a lot on the mythology of the Force, while also taking a tone that is far darker than the show's usual comedic stance. Gone is the light-hearted banter between Chopper, Ezra and Zeb (although we doubt it will disappear entirely), replaced by a much deeper sense of peril, almost all of which comes from the franchise's greatest villain....Darth Vader.

The trailer gives us a ton of clues as to the direction of Star Wars Rebels and the Star Wars franchise as a whole. Here are the biggest things we picked up on in those three action-packed minutes.

1. Kylo Ren Wasn't the First to Wield a Cross-Guard Lightsaber

Yes, this was a deliberate nod to the new Star Wars canon, and something that Dave Filoni and co. were keen to put into the show. It's also the first sign of how LucasFilm are starting to create a more unified Star Wars universe, having the Rebels TV show discretely paying homage to the new movies. With Rogue One likely to be set far closer to events seen in Rebels, we can probably expect to see even more TV/Movie synergy in the coming months.

2. Nods to the Legends Universe

Did Dave Filoni just put out a statement of intent to borrow from the old Legends Universe via a line from Ahsoka Tano? In the trailer, Ahsoka is heard saying "There's always a bit of truth in legends", which in itself might not seem much, but when combined with points 3 and 4 below, will get some Star Wars fans very excited.

3. Hammer-Head Cruisers

If these distinctive-looking ships felt somewhat familiar to you, it's probably because they are almost identical to the Hammer-Head Class Cruisers as seen in properties such as the 'Knights of the Old Republic' series. Stories from the Legends' Old Republic Era are no longer canon, but that sure as heck doesn't mean they can't bring some of its beautiful character and vehicle design into the new Star Wars canon. We're pretty sure that if these ships have names even remotely similar to the 'Endar Spire' or 'Harbinger', a lot of people will be very happy.

4. Kinrath?

Another potential nod to the KOTOR games comes when Sabine is seen firing upon a horde of spider-like creatures. If you're a fan of the KOTOR series, you're not alone in instantly thinking that this is a nod to the Kinrath creatures found dwelling in the caves of Dantooine (and beyond). LucasFilm has always preached that, while the Legends universe might not be canon, they'll still be borrowing ideas from it. Now all we need is to see Admiral Thrawn and we can die happy.

5. Sith Temple

If the opening scene of the trailer is anything to go by, it looks as though our Jedi trio are venturing to a Sith Temple to further their learnings. Just after the scene you see above, we witness a Sith Holocron being opened. No doubt we'll be seeing Ezra battling the pull of the dark side as he continues his quest to become a fully-fledged Jedi.

6. The Hero of Ryloth

Yes, it looks as though we'll finally get to see the Twi'lek hero, Cham Syndulla back on our screens for the first time since Star Wars: Clone Wars. More recently, Cham was shown battling Vader and the Emperor in the book 'Lords of the Sith'. Seeing what shenanigans Cham and his daughter Hera get up to is definitely something to look forward to.

7. Young Leia

We already knew our favorite Alderaanian was going to make an appearance on the show, but this trailer shows us that Leia will not be a mere princess. Instead, we'll get to see her doing what she does best, which is kicking Imperial butts. Despite this, Dave Filoni revealed that, at this point in time, Leia is still not outwardly supporting the Empire. He father is still a member of the Imperial Senate, therefore she must cooperate and support the Empire's operations. But as we all know, this cooperation does not last forever....

8. A Fourth Inquisitor

Our heroes really can't catch a break. Having already dispatched the Grand Inquisitor, the first half of Season 2 saw the Rebels tackling 2 more of Vader's minions. Now, it looks like the Dark Lord is growing tired of their progress and has sent reinforcements to deal with Ahsoka, Ezra, and Kanan.

9. Jedi Temple Guards

No, you're eyes don't deceive you, and yes, Jedi Temple Guards are definitely something worth getting excited about. While they may be the guardians of Light Side temples, Dave Filoni has teased that Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka will clash with the masked guardsmen, probably because their lack of formal Jedi status. Thankfully, they'll also be clashing with the Inquisitors, so there remains hope that they could end up fighting alongside our Rebel heroes.

10. Darth Maul Returns

Ok, it's time to get really, really excited. As you may know through watching Star Wars: Clone Wars, Darth Maul is not dead, and this new trailer suggests that the best thing about The Phantom Menace could be making a return. The voice who asks Ezra to "Call me Old Master" may have been shrouded in darkness, but when you crank the brightness up to 11, his markings are unmistakable. This means that Rebels will not only have Darth Vader and the Inquisitors running around, but it will also see Darth Maul. That's a lot of Dark Side goodness to look forward to.

11. The Moment We Are All Waiting For

Dave Filoni has already confirmed that Ahsoka Tano will battle her one-time Jedi Master, but seeing it happen was undoubtedly the highlight of this entire trailer. We all know that Vader emerges from the battle alive, but the fate of Ahsoka remains worryingly in the balance. Expect this reveal to be saved for the show's season 2 finale.

12. Ground Control to Major Yoda

Of course, it's not all blight and darkness. The light side of the force will be present, as it must. The trailer shows us that Ezra will benefit from the teachings of one of the greatest Jedi ever to live. While we're not huge fans of his new look, it's great to see Yoda on screen again. But it doesn't look as though the two are speaking in person, instead it would seem that Ezra reaches Yoda through meditation, probably while visiting a Jedi Temple.

13. Zeb is Not the Last of His Kind

While Zeb may believe that there are few, if any, Lasats left in the Galaxy, this trailer has confirmed that his species is still around....somewhere. To the right of the image above, we see to elderly Lasats helping the Rebels with some form of primitive technology.

Star Wars Rebels returns on January 20th, and we really cannot wait.

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