9 Seasons of The X-Files Mythology Explained in One Infographic

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 - 11:26AM
Wednesday, 20 January 2016 - 11:26AM
9 Seasons of The X-Files Mythology Explained in One Infographic
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A decade before Lost's mythology intrigued and annoyed us to no end, The X-Files developed an incredibly complex mythology that started off as a happy accident from Gillian Anderson's pregnancy, and then became more and more convoluted as the years went on. Whether you're a longtime fan who forgets some of the twists and turns of the government/alien conspiracy, or you're a new fan who wants to be caught up before the revival, we have a (nearly) comprehensive infographic explaining the sometimes incomprehensible mythology of The X-Files.

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X-Files Mythology Timeline | Outer Places

Finally, here's an abridged explanation of the mythology, which actually holds together better than you would expect:

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The Mayans predicted that the world would end on December 21, 2012 at the hands of the alien Colonists, who planned to invade Earth and wipe out the human race. The Colonists arrived in prehistoric times and were preserved underground in the form of an evolved pathogen called the Black Oil, an alien virus that could infect humans and take control of their bodies. 

The U.S. government first discovered the plan for alien invasion after the 1947 UFO crash in Roswell, after which they captured Colonists from the fallen spacecraft and got their hands on alien technology, learning of the plan through the spacecraft's data banks. A secret organization called the Syndicate, which included the Cigarette-Smoking Man and Bill Mulder, formed within the State Department to combat the impending invasion, but later became its own "black ops" entity of the government. The Syndicate, who originally believed that the aliens would only take control of human bodies, decided to outwardly cooperate with the Colonists, while secretly working to create an alien/hybrid race from a Colonist fetus that would be immune to the Black Oil.

When Fox Mulder was twelve years old, the Syndicate who originally believed that the aliens would only take control of human bodies, decided to outwardly cooperate with the Colonists, while secretly working on a plan to save the human race. They would each sacrifice a family member or loved one to the Colonists to be experimented on in exchange for an alien fetus, which would allow them to create an alien/hybrid race that would be immune to the Black Oil. Mulder's parents chose him to give to the Colonists, but instead the aliens took his eight-year-old sister, Samantha, because they needed a young girl for their experiments. 

Samantha was taken to a government cloning program, which created proper Samantha clones and mindless Samantha drones who were the same age as Mulder's sister when she was abducted, all of whom were killed by the alien bounty hunter. The drones worked on a bee farm, as the Colonists planned to disseminate the alien virus using aggressive Africanized bees who fed on corn pollen genetically engineered to carry the virus. The real Samantha was experimented on by the aliens and returned shortly after, and then was subject to invasive hybrid experiments at the hands of CSM until she ran away and was granted a peaceful death by the supernatural creatures called Walk-Ins, who save children doomed to live painful lives.

Scully was abducted at the hands of the government conspiracy, and her ova were taken for the hybrid experiments. Her biological daughter, Emily, was an alien hybrid who died prematurely. CSM's ex-wife Cassandra Spender, who was sacrificed to the aliens with Samantha, later became the first successful alien hybrid. The Syndicate was in the process of handing Cassandra over to the Colonists, which would have triggered Colonization early, when all of them, Cassandra included, were destroyed at the hands of faceless alien rebels who opposed Colonization.

Following the destruction of the Syndicate and the alien hybrid, the Colonists sent super-soldiers, alien replacements who looked human created with a mutated version of the Black Oil, which can now gestate alien creatures, killing the human host. Mulder is nearly turned into a super-soldier when he is abducted by aliens, but is saved in the nick of time. Mulder and Scully's son, William, is the first organically born super-soldier, created from an egg that was mutated during Scully's abduction. The super-soldiers infiltrated the U.S. government and worked to prevent any human attempts to survive colonization. 

As of the series finale, Colonization is still set to occur on December 21, 2012.
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