What to Watch This Week: X-Files Monster-of-the-Week, Lucifer Series Premiere, and More

Monday, 25 January 2016 - 5:35PM
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Monday, 25 January 2016 - 5:35PM
What to Watch This Week: X-Files Monster-of-the-Week, Lucifer Series Premiere, and More
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All of our favorite shows are continuing after premiering last week, including The Flash, Arrow, The 100, and Star Wars Rebels, but the most exciting continuation has to be The X-Files, which airs its second episode tonight. This week will also see two series premieres that we're actually excited about (sorry, Second Chance): Lucifer, which is a terrible adaptation but an entertaining show, and doomsday comedy You, Me, and The Apocalypse.

Monday, January 25th

The X-Files - 8pm on Fox

The revival's second episode and first monster-of-the-week is already rumored to be miles ahead of last night's disappointing premiere, so you don't want to miss it! In "Founder's Mutation," Mulder and Scully investigate an unseen force that drove a scientist to commit suicide, and uncover extreme genetic engineering that has been going on for decades. 

Supergirl - 8:30pm on CBS

Kara helps Hank deal with his painful past when a White Martian, an alien from the race that wiped out his species, kidnaps an anti-alien politician. 

Lucifer series premiere - 9pm on Fox

Lucifer is silly, and not at all faithful to the source material, which is bound to irk fans of the Vertigo comic. But considering that it's a relatively boilerplate supernatural procedural, it's surprisingly enjoyable, mostly as a result of Tom Ellis's wonderful performance as the snarky, LA-dwelling Devil. 

Tuesday, January 26th

The Flash - 8pm on CW

Cisco gets a vibe of Eobard Thawne in the lab, leading the team to realize that Reverse-Flash has returned. 

Agent Carter - 9pm on ABC

Peggy continues searching for the truth about Zero Matter, which places her in direct opposition with Howard Stark. 

The Expanse - 10pm on Syfy

Holden finds the remains of Julie Mao's ship, and finally crosses paths with Miller in the "biggest surprise of the season."

Wednesday, January 27th

Arrow - 8pm on CW

Diggle teams up with his brother, Andy, when an agent of the criminal organization Shadowspire arrives in Star City. 

Second Chance - 9pm on Fox

Pritchard and Duval go up against a psychopath and another father-son duo as Pritchard tries to prove he's a better man than his son ever knew.

Star Wars Rebels - 9pm on Disney XD

In need of new hyperspace routes due to Imperial pressure, the rebels find a shortcut but must first gain permission to use it.

Thursday, January 28th

DC's Legends of Tomorrow - 8pm on The CW

The team is tipped off to Vandal Savage's whereabouts and infiltrates a munitions deal with all sorts of potentially devastating consequences, including a piece of Atom's suit ending up in the wrong hands. 

You, Me, and the Apocalypse series premiere - 8pm on NBC

If the world has to end, it might as well be with Jenna Fischer, Megan Mulally, and Rob Lowe as a freaking priest. 

The 100 - 9pm on The CW

The 100 The 100 Season Premiere" href="http://www.outerplaces.com/science-fiction/item/11001-exciting-plot-developments-hinted-at-in-the-100-season-premiere" target="_blank">hit the ground running last week, and now we'll get to see Bellamy and Kane risk their lives to save Clarke, possibly from Ice Nation, and Abby consider re-opening Mount Weather as a medical facility, which is sure to open a few old wounds. 

Colony - 10pm on USA

Katie's first mission leads her to question her commitment to the cause, while Will's search for Geronimo causes a conflict with the Resistance. 

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