Everything That All 5 Chapters of the Prequel Comic Taught Us About the World of Batman v Superman

Saturday, 30 January 2016 - 6:41PM
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Batman v Superman
Saturday, 30 January 2016 - 6:41PM
Everything That All 5 Chapters of the Prequel Comic Taught Us About the World of Batman v Superman
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After years of waiting, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is now less than two months away from its premiere. As the two are arguably the most popular and iconic superheroes of all time, their meeting on the big screen will mark a historic moment not only in the world of DC Comics, but also in the world of cinema as well.

Recently, Dr. Pepper released their collector's edition Batman v Superman soda cans and 20 oz. bottles. This turned out to be an even more brilliant marketing tool than the average fanfare that most would think, as fans can access five chapters of the Batman v Superman prequel comic by downloading the Blippar app and pointing it at one of the new cans or bottles of soda.

Each chapter focuses on one respective character from the film: Batman, Superman, Lois Lane, Senator Finch, and Lex Luthor. Though it doesn't get into too many details of the plot of the film itself, it does reveal quite a bit about the world of Batman v Superman. Here's everything that can be learned from these five chapters concerning the characters and universe of the upcoming DC film:

Batman Has Become More Brutal After the Metropolis Incident, But Doesn't Kill

Batman's chapter of the prequel comic focuses mainly on a conversation between two thugs, particularly because one is frightened of the Batman dropping in and maiming him. The older, wiser thug tells his pal that Batman has changed and become more ruthless after General Zod's attack on Metropolis. However, he also says that at least Batman won't kill him - unlike his boss if they don't get back to work.

The Batman Villain Firefly Exists in DC's New Cinematic Universe

The previously mentioned thugs are on an arson job with the villain Firefly, and yes, Batman does put a stop to their misdeeds. This character has seen a surge in popularity since his inclusion in the video games Batman: Arkham Origins and Batman: Arkham Knight. In fact, a gender bended version of the character even appeared on the TV show Gotham in the first half of season 2. Maybe he'll make an appearance in a solo Batman film somewhere down the line?  

Lex Luthor Has Been Keeping An Eye on Batman

The first chapter ends by showing Lex Luthor watching Batman through a security camera. Everyone knew that he'd be skeptical and watchful of the Man of Steel, but it seems that he has a special interest in Gotham's Dark Knight as well. However, as it seems that he'll be the one trying to get Batman to take down Superman just as he does in the comic series Lex Luthor: Man of Steel, this makes perfect sense.

Lois Lane Is Her Own Type of Superhero

Even though images and video clips have implied that Lex will be taking Lois hostage at some point in the film, it clearly isn't because Lois can't defend herself. In her chapter of the prequel comic, she's able to trick a wealthy crook, disarm him, and kick him in the balls, essentially taking him down without any help whatsoever. Hopefully more of this side of her character will be shown in the film as well and she won't be made out to be a typical damsel in distress.  

Kryptonian Technology Has Been Sold on the Black Market

The man Lois is investigating has evidently taken possession of scrap Kyrptonian technology after the destruction in Metropolis and has sold it on the black market, which is one of the reasons Lois tracked him down. He's shown to be a business partner of Lex Luthor and it's implied that Luthor's the one the crook sold the alien tech to.  

Holly Hunter's Senator Finch Doesn't Seem to Have Taken Sides Against Superman

Though recent trailers have shown the senator speaking about holding Superman accountable for the destruction in Metropolis, she actually believes that mankind will look back with wonder at the day the Man of Steel dropped out of the sky and knows that he means well. Of course she doesn't blindly trust him either, and so she's definitely in favor of studying him more closely before making any big decisions. This definitely makes sense of scenes where Luthor talks to her about power never being innocent and trying to convince her of the dangers of Kryptonians.  

A Government Committee Has Been Formed to Study the Man of Steel

Though the senators are divided on whether or not to trust Kal-El of Krypton, they all agree it's in the people's best interest to continue learning about Superman. Computer simulations show he could wipe out over ten thousand people in under eight minutes. They all wonder if his psychology is the same as their's - can he get PTSD or dementia? All of these reasons and more lead to a group of senators and military personnel agreeing to form a committee for the study of Superman.  

Some People Believe Superman is An Alien Scout for a Future Invasion

Though he saved the world from Kryptonians, that wasn't enough to convince some people that Superman means well. In the prequel comics, Senator Finch mentions that there is a group of people that believe him to be a scout for a future wide-scale invasion.

There's an Online Message Board Where People Go to Ask Superman For Help

Whether or not this message board is actually used by Superman isn't addressed. However, the Senator does mention that people from all over the world have asked him to help with things like catching up on their rent or curing their cancer.  

Superman is Being Superman

The comic makes it clear that Supes has been busy putting out forest fires, saving a train full of people from crashing, taking on street level crime, and other things that most would expect Superman to do. Apparently he's been quite active in the world in the period between Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.

People Are Divided On Whether or Not Superman Should Intervene Internationally

The prequel comic has shown that a number of people are happy that Superman has stayed out of international affairs. What would other nations think if a god from America intervened in their own matters? However, others disagree. They see Superman saving trains of people and putting out forest fires as petty. After all, a man with his abilities should surely be saving civilians from war zones and stripping questionable governments of nuclear weapons…right? The fact that he has chosen to stay out of such matters has made many skeptical of him, especially Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor is Being Lex Luthor

In his chapter of the prequel comic, Lex answers questions by detailing how human beings were the real heroes in Metropolis: policemen, first responders, doctors, etc. He's the great humanist philanthropist that everything knows him to be and he refuses to be likened to Superman. When asked if he trusts the Man of Steel, Lex sagely says he doesn't know enough about him yet to make an informed decision, but of course the reader knows otherwise.

Lex Has Already Been Studying Kryptonian DNA

In the comic, Lex is shown in front of different computer screens - one with Zod's face, one with a strand of DNA, and a few that have Lexcorp symbols and pictures of alien spacecrafts on them. Of course, it seems pretty certain that Luthor makes Doomsday by experimenting on Zod, so this all makes perfect sense.   

With Batman v Superman just around the corner, there's sure to be more cool promotions like the Dr. Pepper prequel comic just on the horizon. The film is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films of the year, and some have even called it THE most anticipated film of the year. With less than 60 days left, the Dawn of DC's Justice League is truly almost here. The film hits theaters on March 25th, 2016.
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