Which Movie Trailers Will We See During Super Bowl 50?

Wednesday, 03 February 2016 - 3:53PM
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Wednesday, 03 February 2016 - 3:53PM
Which Movie Trailers Will We See During Super Bowl 50?
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Super Bowl 50 is right around the corner and while it's one of the biggest days in the sporting calendar, the global event has also evolved to become a huge day for movie lovers. With prices for advertising averaging almost $5 million for a 30 second slot, many movie studios dedicate a significant amount of their marketing budgets to gaining exposure for their properties. Last year, the likes of Jurassic World and Insurgent revealed new trailers during the New England Patriots' victory over the Seattle Seahawks, but with 2016 looking set to be a huge year at the box office, which movies can we expect to see during Super Bowl 50?



The marketing campaign for Fox's Deadpool movie has been nothing short of majestic, and with the Ryan Reynolds helmer set to come out the week after Super Bowl 50, a new TV spot is the very least we would expect. Ryan Reynolds will actually be in attendance at the game itself, dishing out free chimichangas from a food truck outside the Levi's Stadium.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Folks were left feeling somewhat underwhelmed after their first look at Oscar Isaac's titular X-Men villain, but Fox is hoping that their second trailer can give us hope that X-Men: Apocalypse can live up to the high expectations we all have after Days of Future Past.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Paramount is looking to spend big to ensure their TMNT sequel has the best possible chance of matching its predecessor's box office haul from 2014. Will we get our first look at the villainous Krang?

Bourne 5

On Facebook recently, Bourne author Eric Van Lustbader accidentally gave away the fact that the Bourne 5 trailer would debut during the Super Bowl, and while that post has subsequently been deleted, it still seems likely that we'll get to see Matt Damon return to the role come Sunday. Perhaps then we'll get an official title for the project?

Likely Bets


The new look Ghostbusters team are set to hit theaters in July, but we are yet to see any footage from Paul Feig's movie. The director revealed today that a full trailer is scheduled to drop by the end of February, but perhaps we'll get a teaser on Sunday?

Batman v Superman

Many, ourselves included, thought that the first full trailer for Batman v Superman would debut during Super Bowl 49 last year, but we were forced to wait a few extra months for our first glimpse of WB's epic superhero throwdown. This year is different, though. With Zack Snyder's movie now just a couple of months away, it would be a big shock if we didn't at least get a new TV spot during the Super Bowl.

Independence Day: Resurgence

Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum will both be in attendance at Super Bowl 50, promoting their upcoming movie in and around the stadium. Though nothing is confirmed, it's likely we'll get a new TV spot for Roland Emmerich's alien invasion sequel at some point on Sunday night.

Captain America: Civil War

Don't think for one minute that Disney and Marvel are going to give their rivals at Warner Bros. all the limelight on Sunday. A tease of Spider-Man's appearance in Civil War would be the perfect way to steal Batman v Superman's thunder, but equally they may not want such a big reveal to get swallowed up by all the Super Bowl noise.


As we mentioned before, Insurgent kicked off proceedings at Super Bowl 49 with a brand new TV spot and it seems likely that Lionsgate will once again look to promote their YA series as it nears its climax. 

Long Shots

Star Trek Beyond

Given that it looks like Paramount will be going with a big push on TMNT: Out of the Shadows, it seems unlikely that we'll be receiving any new footage of Star Trek Beyond. Still, at least we've got that December trailer to rewatch.

Doctor Strange

We're desperate to get our first glimpse of Benedict Cumberbatch in action as Marvel's titular sorcerer, but even though filming started back in November of last year, it seems more likely we'll get our first teaser in the spring. Still, we can but hope.

Suicide Squad

We've only just recently received a new trailer for Suicide Squad, and with Batman v Superman undoubtedly the more pressing issue, it seems unlikely that they would want to cannibalize any of the attention the March release might get.

Star Wars: Rogue One

You can pray to Yoda that a teaser for Rogue One will air during the Super Bowl, but it would be more futile than trying to convince Kylo Ren to attend a family reunion. 
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