Which Characters Are Most Likely to Die in The Walking Dead 6B?

Friday, 12 February 2016 - 3:11PM
The Walking Dead
Friday, 12 February 2016 - 3:11PM
Which Characters Are Most Likely to Die in The Walking Dead 6B?
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The Walking Dead finally returns this weekend, and we all need to get ready for a bloodbath. The midseason premiere, titled "No Way Out," has already been affectionately dubbed the "Valentine's Day Massacre" as a result of its high body count, and with the impending arrival of Negan in the finale, it's all downhill from there. Here's our ranking of each character's chances of survival, ranked from least to most likely to meet their maker this season.

Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead season 6b follow!


No one is safe on The Walking Dead, the premise depends on it. But if there's one character who is virtually safe for the foreseeable future, it's Carol. Not only is she a fan favorite, but she's had the most drastic arc of any character on the show, and Robert Kirkman pretty much admitted that she's safe:

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"The Carol that's in the comic was my attempt to show just how broken an individual can become from the zombie apocalypse," Kirkman said at NYCC (via Uproxx). "The Carol in the show, which is a much better character let's be honest, actually is made stronger by all the more horrible things that happen to her in the show. Killing her would definitely not … we can't do that."
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Whether we like it or not, Rick is the de facto protagonist of the show, and is unlikely to be killed off for quite a while. I won't say never, because that's the kind of thing The Walking Dead would do when the ratings start to flag and they're in desperate need of a shake-up, but there doesn't seem to be any danger of that anytime soon.


Like Carol, Michonne fulfills a function on the show that no other character does, and I can't imagine her being killed off this season. After her experience with Deanna, she's clearly being set up to take on a leadership role, which will make her an important foil for Rick in future conflicts.


Carl is one of the longest-running characters in the comics, because he is the only one who can demonstrate the effects of quite literally growing up in the apocalypse. Since Judith isn't going to be a real character anytime soon, he seems to be safe. Plus, he still has to lose his eye, so that should keep him occupied for a while.


As the only Alexandrian we really care about (with the possible exception of one character who is almost definitely going to die), Aaron feels pretty safe, even with the introductions of Heath and Denise.


Either one of these characters could die, but neither feels like their character development is finished yet. More work would need to be done to make either of these deaths land.


Unfortunately, Eugene seems pretty safe. Michael Cudlitz, who plays Abraham, recently implied that one or both of them will be leaving the show, but Abraham seems far more likely. He dies much earlier in the comics, but more importantly, the audience would care much more if Abraham died at this point. Eugene could die as a result of his cowardice, but that would feel kind of predictable at this point.


Last we saw Denise, she was being dragged away by a Wolf into the zombie horde. It looks bad for her, but I still don't think it's her time yet. You don't cast Merritt Weaver just to have her appear in a few episodes, so I think she'll find her way out of this one.


In the comics, Maggie gets pregnant just before watching Glenn get murdered by Negan before her eyes, and then gives birth to their child and ultimately becomes the leader of the Hilltop Colony. In the show, Maggie is pregnant, Negan is coming in the season finale, and the Hilltop Colony has been confirmed for sometime this season, as Xander Berkeley has just been cast as original Hilltop leader Gregory. All signs are pointing to Glenn's death at the hands of Lucille in the season finale, but some are speculating that Maggie could replace him in that iconic comics scene. While killing Maggie and her unborn child is the type of tragic death The Walking Dead would do, it seems that Maggie, like Michonne, is being groomed for more of a leadership role, so I think they'll keep her around to deal with the upcoming Gregory drama.


The first few minutes of the midseason premiere don't look good for anyone, especially Abraham and Sasha, both of whom seem to be in mortal peril by the end of the teaser. After the disappointing midseason finale, I have a feeling they'll want to start off with a shocking death, and it seems much more likely that Sasha will be killed in this scene than Abraham.


But that being said, Abraham may not be long for this world, either. In the comics, Abraham was killed by the Saviors shortly after Glenn, which could mean he'll make it to next season, especially since Robert Kirkman has said that he regrets not keeping Abraham alive long enough that he could go up against Negan. But then again, maybe he'll just give Glenn's death to Abraham. This seems less likely to me, as Abraham's death wouldn't have nearly the impact that Glenn's did, but it still seems that Michael Cudlitz is on his way out.


Morgan is another character who may be on Negan's chopping block rather than Glenn. Although he's not as beloved, he's technically been in the show since the pilot, and there's only so long that they can keep a pacifist character alive before it starts to get annoying (if it hasn't already). 


I can hardly remember who this person is, so that means he's pretty expendable, right?


This entire family may very well die in the midseason premiere, but at the very least, Jessie and Sam are goners. In the comics, while the group is making their way through the horde, Jessie grabs onto Carl's hand, and won't let go when she and her son are taken by walkers, so Rick uses his machete to cut off her arm and save Carl's life, leaving Jessie and her son to be eaten. In the show, she has two sons, and the show seems to be setting up a conflict between Ron and Rick that hasn't quite come to fruition yet, so I would bet that Jessie and Sam will die in a manner similar to the comics, which will give Ron yet another reason to hate Rick. Whether Ron will make it too far past the midseason premiere remains to be seen.


Yes, I know, "if Daryl dies we riot" and everything, but if Glenn doesn't die in the season finale, it will most likely be Daryl. He's the only original character aside from Rick and Carl (and Morgan, I suppose, depending on how you look at it), and he doesn't have a counterpart in the comics, so this would be a savvy way to give a beloved character an iconic comics death while keeping the fans on their toes, both by diverging from the comics and reiterating that no one is safe. If anything, the fact that people tend to assume Daryl is safe may very well be the reason they'll want to kill him off.


But then again, it still seems most likely that Glenn will die, as he did in the comics. They've already started setting up his tragic death by revealing Maggie's pregnancy, and while one could argue that the whole dumpster debacle makes it less likely that it will be Glenn, they could have easily done that in order to throw us off. And faking Glenn's death, bringing him back to life, and then killing him off right after a blissful reunion with Maggie is exactly the kind of d*ck move The Walking Dead loves to pull.
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