Todd McFarlane Talks New Spawn Movie

Monday, 15 February 2016 - 7:20PM
Monday, 15 February 2016 - 7:20PM
Todd McFarlane Talks New Spawn Movie
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Talk about perfect timing. In the midst of Deadpool's ridiculous opening weekend box office bonanza, Todd McFarlane announced that he has finished the script for a new movie starring his own R-rated superhero creation: Spawn.

Spawn has been to the movies once before, in 1997, under a script that was not written by McFarlane. That version was rated PG-13, with an R-rated director's cut that came with the home video release, and it was considered a mildly successful, if underwhelming, film. But now with Deadpool proving that R-rated comic book movies can make a lot of money, the time seems right for Spawn to get another shot. But this time around, McFarlane is looking for control over the project. He's not only written the screenplay, he's looking to direct the film, too. Here's what he told

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"I've finished the script, and I'm in the process of editing. It's 183 pages, and [producers] usually like 120. I still think it's going to end up being about 140, because I'm putting in details for myself ... I want to keep it small, keep it tight, so they'll let me direct it! ... I need to get him back up on the big screen again to make him relevant in a big way, which we will do."
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McFarlane, whose only director credit is for a 2002 music video, apparently wants to go into production this year, so he certainly has the right idea of striking while the iron's hot. Studios are going to be desperate to get their hands on any R-rated superhero content, and comics don't come much more R-rated than Spawn. We'll just have to see if audiences still care about a character who very much was a product of the '90s and struggled to find life outside the Bill Clinton era.

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