Edge of Tomorrow's Doug Liman to Direct First Scripted Virtual Reality Series, "Invisible"

Friday, 19 February 2016 - 2:54PM
Friday, 19 February 2016 - 2:54PM
Edge of Tomorrow's Doug Liman to Direct First Scripted Virtual Reality Series, "Invisible"
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Television is venturing into an entirely new territory: virtual reality TV shows. Conde Nast Entertainment has created a show called Invisible, to be helmed by Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman, which will air exclusively on VR platforms.

Virtual reality television has been in the works for some time now, and essentially involves projecting the show in such a way that the viewer feels as if he or she is experiencing the events of the show (although probably not from a first-person perspective). It's essentially the visual version of surround sound, with the show being projected all around the viewer. I'm having trouble thinking of a way that one wouldn't miss things that way, but maybe this is just taking Easter eggs to a whole new level?

The show follows a family who has become powerful and influential as a result of an "extraordinary ability," which is probably invisibility, considering its title. The official logline for the series reads: 
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For generations, the dynastic Ashland family has passed on a gene that gives them an extraordinary ability, which has enabled them to accumulate vast amounts of power and wealth. As the modern generation faces diminished abilities and more scrutiny than ever before, the birth of an exceptional new child draws public interest and their family secret teeters on the brink of becoming exposed.
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The series will premiere on the Samsung Milk VR platform first, and then will air on Jaunt's VR apps and CNE's The Scene. The project is part of a larger partnership between Conde Nast and Jaunt VR that aims to expand media entertainment into virtual reality.
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