Here's a List of All the Extra Features on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-Ray Set

Thursday, 25 February 2016 - 12:35PM
Star Wars
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Thursday, 25 February 2016 - 12:35PM
Here's a List of All the Extra Features on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-Ray Set
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As we wrote a few days ago, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming to Blu-Ray soon, and while we won't be getting a new cut of the movie, we'll still be getting a ton of extra features. 

Details on what those extra features will entail have been kept closely guarded by LucasFilm, but the film's editors Mary Jo Markey and Maryann Brandon, have revealed that Disney will be including a host of deleted scenes on the special features disc.

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"We have been talking about [the deleted scenes]," Brandon told The Independent. "But Disney has mentioned to us that - since they're going to be on the DVD treats for viewers - that we should stop talking about them."
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Brandon and Markey have been very open about some of their favorite deleted scenes, previously detailing one scene that was cut in which Chewie rips the arms off a certain character at Maz's cantina. Brandon and Markey went on to reveal that there would be seven deleted scenes heading to the Blu-Ray/DVD sets, but we've now learnt that, that's only the start of the extra features.

A Swedish retail site CDON recently updated their listing for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Blu-Ray, detailing all the extra features it would include. Those extra features have since been removed, but not before got all the details.

Check out the listings below:

- Secrets Of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey
- The Story Awakens: The Table Read
- Building BB-8
- Crafting Creatures
- Blueprint of a Battle: The Snow Fight
- The Visual Magic Of The Force
- John Williams: The Seventh Symphony
- Deleted Scenes
- Force For Change

There's nothing on this list that looks remotely fishy, and the fact that the site has now taken the features down would appear to suggest that these features are genuine.

Deleted scenes aside, one of the features I'm most looking forward to seeing is 'The Story Awakens: The Table Read'. If it's what I think it is, it would give us a chance to see more of one of the most famous Star Wars images in years. Seen below, the photo that accompanied the Star Wars: The Force Awakens cast announcement was, for some months, our one tiny insight into the movie and was subjected to almost ridiculous levels of scrutiny. Fans analyzed who was sitting next to who in an attempt to get an idea of what roles they would be playing, even going as far as to carry out amateur body language analyses to glean more information. Getting to see the now-famous table read in action will be a real delight.

There's still no official word from Disney or LucasFilm as to when the Blu-Ray/DVD sets will be hitting stores, but if that release date is truly early April, we can probably expect to hear something early next month.
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