These 14 Batman Villains and Characters Are Confirmed to Exist in the World of Batman v Superman By the Turkish Airlines Shortlist

Thursday, 25 February 2016 - 5:49PM
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Batman v Superman
Thursday, 25 February 2016 - 5:49PM
These 14 Batman Villains and Characters Are Confirmed to Exist in the World of Batman v Superman By the Turkish Airlines Shortlist
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Though it's quite arguable that the filmmakers should have been a bit more selective about the footage they released in the Batman v Superman trailers, there are undoubtedly several things that the marketing team has gotten oh so right in their campaign. From giving out early tickets to the film during the special showings of the first teaser trailer back in April, to providing wi-fi at New York Comic Con courtesy of LexCorp, they've had a lot of really innovative ideas that've definitely seemed to pay off.

One of these marketing strategies involved the Super Bowl commercials with Turkish Airlines, where the company announced that they have two brand new destinations: Metropolis and Gotham. This promotion went even further than expected, however, when Turkish Airlines released a Gotham/Metropolis shortlist earlier this week.  

The shortlist contains everything from historic landmarks, to museums, to restaurants and nightlife, to superhero sightings and beyond. Surprisingly, they unveil quite a lot of information about the world of Batman v Superman, and in particular, they mention (or at least hint, in some cases) of the existence of several Batman villains and characters from the comics and animated series. This is actually a lot of great information to know, as it shows which villains Batman has probably went toe to toe with before his introduction in the upcoming film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  

Carmine Falcone, Sal Maroni, and Sofia Falcone-Gigante

The restaurants section reveals that the Falcones own an Italian ristorante, and that it's thought by many residents to be associated with the Italian mob as well. Carmine Falcone is mentioned by name, and many probably remember his last appearance in a live action adaption from Batman Begins. Sofia Falcone-Gigante, who played a crucial role in the comic Batman: The Long Halloween, is said to oversee the restaurant. Likewise, the Falcones' rival crime family, the Maronis, are mentioned in various places throughout the shortlist as well.

Maxie Zeus

In the comics, Maxie Zeus is a delusional criminal who believes that he's an actual Greek god. He's mentioned by name in the shortlist, though only for owning a casino called Gotham City Olympus.  

The Ventriloquist

Like Maxie Zeus, the passages in the shortlist don't tie him to any criminal activity. Yet Arnold Wesker is named as the owner of 'The Ventriloquist Club,' one of Gotham's site devoted to weird entertainment. Comic fans know him and his puppet, Scarface, as reoccurring Batman villains that have been involved in a number of stories throughout the years.

Black Mask

Perhaps best known for his role in 'Under the Red Hood,' Black Mask is yet another reoccurring Batman villain hinted at in the shortlist as the owner of a club called 'Sionis Below.' His fight club seems to have become a popular topic among Gotham's residents, and according to the shortlist, both Sionis and his club have been able to avoid police intervention quite effectively.  

Mad Hatter

Though Jervis Tetch isn't named specifically, the shortlist mentions two shops that it would be no surprise to learn that he owns: 10/6 and Alice's Antiques. Some may say that this is perhaps just a coincidence, but the fact that the shortlist states that 10/6 sells hats and that its "customers seem rabid enough to be brainwashed" definitely suggests otherwise. Just as well, the suit in the featured picture from Alice's Antiques certainly looks like it could be the one from Mad Hatter's costume.   



It may be a stretch, but the famed surgeon Roger Elliot is said to have a display at Gotham's local wax museum. Comic fans know him as the father of Thomas Elliot, Bruce Wayne's childhood friend and adulthood enemy, Hush. It's likely that Roger's inclusion is meant to hint that Hush exists as well in the world of Batman v Superman and the DCEU.    

Poison Ivy

The Wayne Botanical Gardens are given extensive attention in the shortlist, and so is a place called Neo-Eden. The description of it includes exotic flowers, toxic spores, carnivorous plants, and exhibits covered in tangling ivy. While Pamela Isley isn't mentioned by name, it isn't hard to guess who may have created this Neo-Eden.  


Oswald Cobblepot is also named in the shortlist as the owner of the Iceberg Lounge. Interestingly enough, this version of the Penguin does indeed keep literal penguins and seals at the lounge, just like his comic book counterpart. The shortlist also mentioned that the club was umbrella themed and that members of the local crime families, the Falcones and Maronis, could be frequently spotted there.


Wildcat is perhaps best known for training Black Canary to fight. It's said that there's a ring devoted to heavyweight boxing at Maxie Zeus' Gotham City Olympus, and specific mention is made to the former heavyweight boxing champ, Wildcat Ted Grant, in the same passage. It looks like Wildcat will be keeping his origins from the comics!

Zatara and Zatanna

Appearing in the same comic in 1938 that Superman made his first debut in, Zatara is a magician and father of the incredibly popular mystical character, Zatanna. His magic shop is advertised in the shortlist. Like her father, Zatanna exists in this universe as well. In the comics, she's been a love interest of Bruce Wayne from time to time, and she's known for her incredible backwards magic. She's also a member of Justice League Dark, too, so it'll be no surprise to see her make an appearance in the DCEU sometime later on. The shortlist mentions that she frequently performs at Gotham's Club Vesuvius.

Dick Grayson

Haley's Circus is mentioned in the shortlist as well, and in its section, it states that two members of the Flying Graysons tragically died in front of a crowded audience several years ago. Again, Dick isn't mentioned by name, but it's incredibly obvious that he exists in the DCEU anyway. Some believe that Scott Eastwood may be playing him in Suicide Squad, taking cues from the comic 'Grayson,' where the first Robin ends up going undercover to spy on an organization called Spyral for Batman.

Other Interesting Facts Found in the Shortlist

• Many people believe that Batman has to have passed on the cowl to a younger person by now, possibly more than once.

• The Bowery, Coventry, Diamond District, Kingston, Brunley, Odessa, and Bristol are mentioned as places in Gotham, taking inspiration from various comics but collectively from the Arkham video game series.

• The Clock Tower and Wayne Tower are two of the tallest buildings in the city, and both are owned by Wayne – hinting that Batman may have hideouts there, such as in the Arkham games (Oracle is also known to work from the Clock Tower in the comics).  

•  The easiest way to spot the Batplane is to keep an eye over Blackgate Penitentiary, where it is frequently dropping criminals off.

• Jitters coffee shops and Big Belly Burger fast food restaurants are all over town. They're a common appearance not only in DC's comics, but also in the CW TV universe as well.  

• Amusement Mile used to be abandoned and the Joker used to have hideouts there. It's been revamped and is now busier than ever before.

• Gotham's Carnivale takes place at the Amusement Mile in mid August…the same time that Suicide Squad hits theaters. Seeing that this is the Joker's old stomping grounds, could something big end up happening then?  

Whether or not the trailers revealed too much or not, there's no arguing that Batman v Superman's marketing team is doing something right. For Batman fans, this shortlist was a dream come true, revealing that this iteration of the Caped Crusader has probably already fought all of the villains that readers have grown to love from the Dark Knight's ever expanding gallery of rogues. Hopefully with so much source material being integrated into this rendition of Gotham, it'll shine through as the definitive cinematic version of Batman's city that all fans have been waiting for.
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