20 Must-See Highlights from the Wonder Con 2016 Programming Schedule

Friday, 11 March 2016 - 2:23PM
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Friday, 11 March 2016 - 2:23PM
20 Must-See Highlights from the Wonder Con 2016 Programming Schedule
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Wonder Con 2016 is just around the corner, bringing with it the promise of the event's usual big name panels and top-notch exhibit all attractions. But, this year Wonder Con will be calling the Los Angeles Convention Center its home, which means that this might just be the biggest Wonder Con of all time. As if to prove that point, Wonder Con unveiled their full programming line-up today, and it includes the promise of major movie presentations from Warner Bros., big Batman reveals and exclusive first looks at a ton of major geek TV shows. We've summed up a few of the highlights for you below.

Friday March 25th

The Legacy and Future of Battlestar Galactica - 12pm

Richard Hatch aka Captain Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica hosts a panel to discuss what direction the franchise should take next. With a new Battlestar Galactica movie on the horizon, there's never been a better time to be asking these questions. Room 408AB

Captain America vs. Iron Man: Freedom, Security, Psychology in Marvel's Civil War and Beyond - 1:30pm

In case you didn't know, Marvel's biggest movie to date is set to hit theaters in May, and it features some of the world's best known superheroes going toe-to-toe with each other over a difference of opinion on Civil Rights. Travis Langley hosts an esteemed panel, including Outer Places' very own Janey Tracey, to discuss the human side of Marvel's Civil War. Room 411

Containment Pilot Screening and Q&A - 3pm

We'll admit, when you're surrounded by tens of thousands of your fellow con-goers, watching the pilot for a sci-fi show about the spread of a deadly virus might not seem like a good idea. That being said, if you can handle the paranoia, the CW's new show could be well worth checking out, especially seeing as you'll get to see the pilot almost a month before it premieres to the rest of the US. Microsoft Theater

Marvel: Next Big Thing - 3:30pm

Marvel brings heavy hitters like Brian Michael Bendis and Charles Soule to field questions and provide updates on a host of their biggest comic events. From Civil War to Marvel's many Star Wars comics, there's going to be a lot of ground to cover in this one. Room 403AB

Ratchet and Clank - 4pm

If you, like us, grew up playing the wacky Ratchet and Clank video games you're going to want to head to Room 151 on Friday, because the team behind the upcoming Ratchet and Clank movie adaptation are bringing some exclusive preview footage to Wonder Con. The movie features some stellar voice talent, including John Goodman and Sylvester Stallone, so there's always a chance that the exclusive footage is accompanied by an A-list guest or two. Room 151

iZombie Special Video Presentation and Q&A - 4:30pm

The iZombie cast and crew are bringing exclusive footage to Wonder Con, which means you can get the inside track on some of Season 2's biggest mysteries. Rose McIver will also be joined by the show's other stars to answer all your burning questions. Microsoft Theater

Hollyweird Science - 5pm

Back in the golden age of the genre, Science Fiction was more 'Fi' than 'Sci'. These days however, Hollywood is striving to make their storiess stand up to scientific principles. Aaron Sagers hosts a panel of Hollywood filmmakers and science advisors to discuss why Science is so important in making good Sci-Fi. Room 502b

DreamWorks Animation's Voltron: Legendary Defender - 6pm

Geeks everywhere rejoiced when Netflix and Dreamworks Animation announced that they were bringing Voltron back to the mainstream with a new animated series. Brought to you by the team behind Legends of Korra, Voltron: Legendary Defender will breathe new life into one of science fiction's most beloved franchises. Wonder Con will be your first chance to see footage from the new show and meet some of the incredible voice talent behind the show. Panel attendees will receive a WonderCon exclusive limited edition Voltron lithograph. Room 151

Saturday March 26th

DC Comics Rebirth Event - 9am

As we wrote last week, DC Comics is hosting a special panel to provide details on their upcoming Rebirth event. Open to anybody with a Wonder Con pass for the day, this is likely to be a hugely popular event. As such, a special line will be opening up at 7am to start filtering fans in on a first come first serve basis. If you aren't keen on the early start, you'll be able to stream the event live on the DC Comics Youtube channel. Petree Hall

 Wonder Woman: Will She Finally Be Done Right? - 11:30am

One of the most important comic book characters of all time, Wonder Woman is getting a new lease of life this year with her appearance in Warner Bros. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice followed by her own solo movie in 2017. Join a group of geek experts as they discuss what needs to be considered when giving Diana Prince an adaptation worthy of her epic stature. Room 502a

Warner Bros./New Line Studios Video Presentation - 12pm

While details of what will be shown are being kept a secret, it's likely that this Warner Bros. video presentation could be the biggest event of the weekend. Given the studio has some major geek properties coming out in the near future, including Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman, there could be the potential for some pretty big news and exclusive footage. We're also hoping New Line brings us some footage of Key and Peele's ridiculous Keanu movie, which sees the comedians embark on a dangerous mission to rescue their kitten from some villainous gangsters. Microsoft Theater

Universal Studios Hollywood: New Attraction - 1pm

Be the first to go behind the scenes of an all-new attraction coming to Universal Studios Hollywood. Room 515A

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - 2pm

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back and weird as ever. Jeph Loeb is joined by members of the cast as they answer your questions and give you an exclusive early look at an all new episode from Season 3. Room 408AB

World Premiere: Justice League vs. Teen Titans - 2:30pm

Be the first to witness the latest entry in the ongoing series of DC Universe original movies. In Justice League vs Teen Titans, we'll see the demonic forces of Trigon infiltrate the minds and bodies of the Justice League, turning the veteran super heroes against their youthful counterparts. Can the youngsters find away to stop their older counterparts?

If you're unable to make it to the world premiere screening, there will be an encore presentation a 2:45 on Sunday. Microsoft Theater

Orphan Black: BBC America - 6pm

Orphan Black returns for a fourth season next month, and to get us hyped up, the male contingent of the cast is descending upon Wonder Con. Jordan Gavaris (Felix), Kristian Bruun (Donnie), and Kevin Hanchard (Detective Art Bell) will host a Q&A and screen exclusive footage of the new season. Room 408AB

Game of Thrones Psychology: Insight Is Coming - 7:30pm

In a world as messed up as Westeros, how does one even start trying to break down the mental structures of people that will gladly murder, rape and pillage for their own personal gains. One good place to start is with a panel of geek and psychology experts who will break down what kind of person can even survive the game of thrones, much less hope to win. Room 515B

Sunday March 27th

The 100 Special Video Presentation and Q&A - 12:15pm

There's no denying it, this season of The 100 has been the most controversial to date. This means that there's never been a more important time for the show to host a Q&A. With everything that's gone on so far in season 3, we're expecting some hard questions to be asked of the panel, but with exclusive footage also being shown, we might just get some clues about where these troubling story-lines are headed. Microsoft Theater

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Special Video Presentation and Q&A - 1:30pm

Watch never before seen footage from CW's newest DC Comics TV show and ask questions of the show's super-powered cast during this special Legends of Tomorrow event. Microsoft Theater

Star Trek's 50-Year Celebration with Roddenberry Entertainment - 2:30pm

Has it really been 50 years since Star Trek first beamed onto our screens? Gene Roddenberry's son, Rod, hosts a panel of Star Trek insiders to celebrate 50 years of Starfleet with a Q&A, prize giveaways and the promise of a very special guest. Room 403AB

Star Wars: The Science Awakens - 3:30pm

Outer Places presents the latest in their Science of Star Wars series, gathering NASA scientists, Star Wars production designers and fight choreographers to break down the science behind 2015's biggest movie. Discover which droid NASA would take into space, whether or not Kylo Ren would have chopped his hand off with that crossguard, and much, much more. Our panel of experts will also be on hand to answer all your questions about the science behind the Galaxy far far away. Room 515B

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