10 Burning Questions We Need Answered in Orphan Black Season 4

Tuesday, 12 April 2016 - 5:40PM
Orphan Black
Tuesday, 12 April 2016 - 5:40PM
10 Burning Questions We Need Answered in Orphan Black Season 4
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Orphan Black's conspiracy reached a whole new level of convoluted last season, and there are a ton of burning questions we need answered, from the apparent departure of beloved characters to weird mind-controlling worms to vaguely magical clone spawn. Here are the questions we most need answered in season four, and if you haven't already guessed, spoilers abound!

Is Delphine really dead?

The burning question would usually be "Who killed Delphine?", except we don't officially know that she's dead yet. She was last seen getting shot and bleeding out against a car in the season finale, and she's definitely missing in the beginning of season four. But early promotional materials have heavily implied that Delphine isn't really dead, especially one trailer that listed her Dyad employment as "suspended" rather than "deceased."

What the hell was that worm?

In season three's finale, Dr. Nealon attacked Delphine, pinned her down, and sent a worm crawling out of his mouth to go after her. She ultimately killed both Nealon and the worm before they could harm her, but Jesus Christ, what was that thing? We're guessing that it's some kind of mind control worm that would have burrowed into Delphine's brain as a Neolutionist brainwashing technique, but who knows at this point?

Oh yeah, what's going on with Neolution?

As it turns out, Neolution has been responsible for all of the machinations of the conspiracy, including Dyad and Project Leda/Castor. But what do the Neolutionists want, exactly? We know they're concerned with human-directed evolution, but their goals are unclear, and we're dying to know why and how Susan Duncan is still alive.

Has Rachel become a cyborg?

Speaking of the Duncans, we saw Rachel receive a bionic eye from Neolution, and judging from the early trailers, that eye will end up being a focal point of the season in some way. Is it going to afford her some kind of superpower? If so, that would make her even more terrifying, and I'm totally on board. 

What's the deal with MK?

MK is an entirely new character, and other than the fact that she's a clone, we know almost nothing about her. She's been described as a "Deep Throat-esque" character who has been self-aware for much longer than Sarah and the other clones, and will reportedly serve to deepen and elucidate parts of the conspiracy. We also know that she had a relationship with Beth before she died, which leads us to our next question:

Why did Beth commit suicide?

This has been a burning question from day one, and now we may finally get an answer. As we saw above, the season begins with a pre-pilot Beth flashback (hi, Paul!), and the creators have long been teasing that we'll find out more about Beth and her place in the conspiracy this season. If I had to guess, we will have a much more complete picture of what Beth was thinking when Sarah first saw her on those train tracks.

Does Kira have magical powers?

This is another long-running mystery. We've known that Kira is "special" in some way for quite some time now, but will this be the season that we finally find out why? Is it just because she's the daughter of a clone? I doubt that she's actually magical, since Jordan Gavaris confirmed that there is no magic in the Orphan Black universe, but the mystery seems to run a little deeper than that.

What happened to Mark?

Ari Millen is still a regular, so we know that Mark is coming back (unless there are more Castor clones we don't know about??). Last we heard, he had run off with Gracie to spend his last days with her, before his neurological condition kills him. But will there be a cure for him, or will we see him die this season? Millen previewed a "twist" to this character, and for all the problems with the Castor storyline, Millen's a great actor, so we hope Mark gets to stick around.

Will Krystal become a sister clone?

Krystal was one of my favorite parts of last season, and the creators have confirmed that she'll be back, and will play a "bigger role." I hope this means that she'll become part of the core group, because her relationship with Felix is already perfect, and I would love to see Alison get exasperated by her ditziness.

Will we get to see Alison and Donnie twerk again?

Most likely, this was a one-time deal, as it would have much less impact the second time. But each season has had a perfect gif-able moment, between the twerking and the clone dance party, so I expect the same from season four. Maybe a group clone lip dub?
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