The Image That Might Change the Way You Look at the Millennium Falcon

Friday, 20 May 2016 - 3:59AM
Star Wars
Friday, 20 May 2016 - 3:59AM
The Image That Might Change the Way You Look at the Millennium Falcon
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It's one of the most famous spaceships in science fiction history, beloved by Star Wars fans the world over, but it might just be that many of us haven't recognized the whole story behind the Millennium Falcon. Many Star Wars fans, especially those into collectibles and Lego builds, will be incredibly familiar with the Falcon's iconic shovel-like design – two prongs (or mandibles) at the front are joined by the offset cockpit at the side of the ship. However, despite years of watching it in action and seeing models and replicas built at different scales, many of us haven't stopped to think why the Falcon looks like it does.


Unless you were paying attention, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the Millennium Falcon was just another swashbuckling starship whose primary purpose was to blast enemy fighters. And, while many of us are aware that the Falcon's official model name is a Corellian YT-1300 light freighter, it's possible that we've not really appreciated the famous ship's original purpose.

There are many references to Han Solo and Chewie's days as smugglers and cargo haulers throughout various Star Wars properties, but a user on Reddit has just realized the extent to which the Falcon was able to carry out its work. Redditor SlamSlayer1 posted the image below to Reddit, and while it might be incredibly geeky, this is something of an enlightenment moment for many Star Wars fans, myself included.

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The image is thought to have come from one of the illustrators for the famous 'Cross-Sections' books, but the page never made it to print. And, although this is undoubtedly a eureka moment for many Star Wars fans, it doesn't actually appear to be canon. In the many Star Wars books and games I've played, there's never been a reference to the Falcon operating containers on this scale. However, the image works so well that it's hard to believe this is a mere coincidence.

In fact, the shipping containers referenced in the image were initially imagined for LucasArts games and were mentioned a number of times throughout the old canon. However, with Disney hitting the reset button on all of that, we're yet to see a reference made in the new Star Wars canon. The closest thing we've seen to such a reference comes from The Force Awakens' Incredible Cross-Sections, but as you can see below, the container itself is missing.

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"The Falcon's side-mounted cockpit and front-facing mandibles recall her origins as an intermodal tug pushing containers in orbital freight yards," reads the description. "But as with many YT-1300s, an enterprising captain saw that her powerful engines and modular construction made her ideal for carrying cargoes of dubious legality."
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Now we've seen it, we can't un-see it. The Millennium Falcon will never be the same again!
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