Even Arrow Fanatics Are Starting to Give Up On Arrow

Thursday, 26 May 2016 - 11:34AM
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Thursday, 26 May 2016 - 11:34AM
Even Arrow Fanatics Are Starting to Give Up On Arrow
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Has The CW's Arrow failed its fans? Well, that depends on what you want from the show, but there's certainly been a growing air of discontent among much of Arrow's fan base. After a season (two seasons depending on who you ask) of indifferent, Felicity Smoak-centric storylines, many fans feel that Arrow has lost its way, with some going as far as calling for Marc Guggenheim to step down from his duties on the show. Others, who actually like the Smoak focus have complained that the show has handled those storylines poorly. Sure, there remains a core of fans that still love the show, but Arrow's writers room has been under increased scrutiny in recent weeks.

All of this meant that there was a lot riding on 'Schism', last night's Season 4 finale. No matter how indifferent fans had been feeling about Arrow's fourth season, a strong finale could have given us all hope that there was something new on the horizon. Unfortunately, Arrow rarely deals in season-ending cliffhangers, instead opting to wrap things up with more a hard close than a teaser of what's to come. This, coupled with the fact that Schism was arguably the most disappointing finale in the show's history, has led many Arrow fans to come closer to giving up on the show than ever before.

One particular corner of the Arrow fan base has shown their displeasure in a unique way. After last night's finale, the Arrow community on Reddit, which has been growing increasingly angry at the show's writing, opted to dedicate itself to a different comicbook TV show, one that had caused its fans slightly less grief since its inception.

As you can see from the screenshot of the community's banner, below, Reddit's 60,000-strong Arrow community has opted to dedicate their summer to Marvel's Daredevil, heaping praise on the show's award-worthy writing and performances instead of spending the warmer months searching their souls for an answer as to why their favorite show has failed them.


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"Arrow has burned me for the last fucking time, so over the summer we're going to watch a much better show," said one of the community's mods.

"On Wednesdays and Sundays we'll have discussion threads regarding Daredevil, starting at episode 1 and going all the way until season 2 is done. For anyone who's just watching the series for the first time, I'd like to keep the spoiler scope as the episode it's discussed, with anything afterwards being spoiler-tagged.

So, without further adieu, welcome to "What Arrow should've been: the TV show".
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Since the finale, Redditors have been posting their displeasure in a number of ways, but mainly in the form of gifs like this:

and this....

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This is, obviously, a cheeky dig at what has been a poor season for Arrow from both a critical and a fan standpoint. While much of social media was filled with praise for the show's finale, it also ushered in some noticeably high levels of negative remarks. 

Some have even written whole letters to the Arrow writers room, expressing their dismay at how certain storylines have been covered this season.

Various online polls suggest that many fans are done with Arrow...

Trying to pinpoint where it all went wrong for Arrow is a tricky job, but many fans are unfavorably comparing it to The Flash, which is experiencing a completely different run of form. As The Flash apparently goes from strength to strength, it could potentially be showing its sister show up, giving the Berlanti-verse some serious food for thought over the summer.

What did you make of Arrow's fourth season? Let us know below.
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