The Logan's Run Remake Moves Forward with "Colony" Writer

Wednesday, 01 June 2016 - 2:37PM
Wednesday, 01 June 2016 - 2:37PM
The Logan's Run Remake Moves Forward with "Colony" Writer
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The Logan's Run remake is still happening, and now Colony writer Ryan Condal has joined the behind-the-scenes talent along with X-Men veteran Simon Kinberg and the Flarrowverse's Greg Berlanti, both of whom will serve as executive producers.

Logan's Run, first released in 1976, takes place in a "utopian" hedonistic society that terminates all citizens when they reach the age of 30 in order to prevent overpopulation and scarcity of resources. The protagonist, Logan, is one of the "Sandmen," bounty hunters tasked with hunting down and killing "runners," or those who do not accept their fate of being vaporized on their 30th birthday (upped from 21 in the novel), but ultimately ends up on the run himself.

Over the years, the sci-fi dystopian film has become a classic of the genre, and a remake has been in development for two decades. Several directors have been attached, including Bryan Singer, Christopher McQuarrie, Alex Garland, and Nicholas Winding Refn, as well as stars such as Ryan Gosling and Rose Byrne. Now, Simon Kinberg's attempt seems to be gaining traction, since Condal has been hired to write the new script.

The new version is likely getting some momentum because it will take advantage of the recent YA dystopian craze. The new film will likely decrease the age back to 21 or so and cast younger actors, and will basically become a new successor to Hunger Games.

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"It definitely is [a priority for the studio]," Kinberg said late last year. "It's something that potentially is their Hunger Games kind of franchise that is about a younger audience for a younger audience with a big idea. And Logan's Run... is the granddaddy of Maze Runner and Hunger Games and so many of these books and movies now. So yeah, they're seeing it as a potentially really big franchise."
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I'm not sure how much we need another Hunger Games wannabe, especially considering that the generic ones have all started to flop at the box office (The Fifth Wave, the later Divergent movies, etc). But maybe that's a good thing, because it means that Logan's Run—which, to be fair, has a longer pedigree than Hunger Games—will need to do something different to justify its existence.
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