The Walking Dead to Release Extended Finale on the Blu-Ray

Tuesday, 21 June 2016 - 1:32PM
The Walking Dead
Tuesday, 21 June 2016 - 1:32PM
The Walking Dead to Release Extended Finale on the Blu-Ray
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The Walking Dead's bloated and ever-so-frustrating finale was a full 90 minutes (although to be fair, most of that was commercials). But somehow, they've found a way to meander even further, as the Blu-ray for the sixth season has an extended version of the season finale.

Here's a full list of the special features on the DVD and Blu-ray, per EW:

• Inside The Walking Dead (DVD ONLY)
• Episode 616: "Last Day on Earth - The Extended Version" (BLU-RAY ONLY)
• Audio Commentaries
• Deleted Scenes
• The Making of The Walking Dead
• In Memoriam
• 601: Out of the Quarry
• Guts & Glory: The Death of Nicholas
• Strength in Bonds
• Negan: Someone to Fear
• The Face of Death: Iconic Walkers of The Season

Although it's easy to hope that the extended version of the finale will shed some light on the cliffhanger, I doubt that will happen. The Walking Dead is currently working overtime to hide Negan's kill in the cliffhanger season finale, reportedly going so far as to film eleven different death scenes for the seventh season premiere and threatening to sue fan sites that speculate on Negan's kill, so I'm sure it will just be more boring scenes of the group driving around Savior blockades. The fact that fans will have their hands on those last scenes to dissect to their hearts' desire might mean that there will be further breakdowns and speculations coming soon, but it's unclear if the writers had even decided which character would die at that point, so it might not be helpful.

The one thing we can look forward to, however, is seeing Negan swear. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was amazing as Negan regardless, but it was a shame that he hardly got any swearing past the censors, and the character isn't quite the same without it. Luckily, they filmed his debut with the swears as well, so I'm sure we'll get to see that on the Blu-ray.

The Walking Dead season six comes out on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD on August 23.
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