Leia Uses the Force to Sense Ben in New Excerpt from Star Wars Aftermath: Life Debt

Wednesday, 22 June 2016 - 4:19AM
Star Wars
Wednesday, 22 June 2016 - 4:19AM
Leia Uses the Force to Sense Ben in New Excerpt from Star Wars Aftermath: Life Debt
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When it was released last year, Chuck Wendig's Star Wars Aftermath book became our strongest connection between the events of the original trilogy, giving us a chance to witness the state of the galaxy after the defeat of Emperor Palpatine's second Death Star. This summer, that story is continued with Wendig's second Aftermath novel, 'Life Debt'.

Those familiar with Star Wars lore will know that the title refers to the bond between Chewbacca and Han Solo, and it's that inseparable pair who serve as the catalyst for the events of this latest Star Wars novel. Han travels to Chewbacca's home world of Kashyyyk to help him and the native Wookiees to liberate the planet from slavers. But, when Han goes missing, Norra Wexley (the star of the first Aftermath book) is dispatched to track him down.

While Wexley's mission will be the driving force of the book, the book will feature a number of well known names from across the Star Wars universe. In the first book, these expanded cutaway scenes were some of the most enlightening of the entire story, giving us some of the real insight and answers that many fans had craved in the build up to The Force Awakens. Such insight looks set to continue into Life Debt, too. A new excerpt has been released from the book featuring Princess Leia, and the beginnings of an answer to the question that all of her fans have asked at some point. 

We all know Leia has an affinity with the force, but in the new canon at least, we've not really seen much of that force-sensitivity at play. In this new excerpt, however, we see Leia connecting with the force to sense the power of the child she would soon give birth to.

Opening quote
Her skin tingles. Her mind feels suddenly unmoored from the rest of her. Leia feels dizzy enough to fall over.
Oh, my!
There! There it is. Washing over her and through her - an awareness unlike any she's ever felt before. A pulsing glow, flickering and strong.
It's not the plant. It's not Luke. It's not even Han.
It's her child.
This isn't just a mother's recognition of the life inside-that, she already knows. She's already well aware of the bump and tumble of that little person she carries. (And she already knows about the heartburn, and the pre-breakfast nausea, and the post-breakfast nausea, and the post-post-breakfast hunger ...)
This goes beyond all that. This is something separate from her. It isn't a physical feeling. It is all around her. It suffuses her like the perfume from a jungle of flowers. As such, she is suddenly aware of her child's mind and spirit: She senses pluck and wit and steel blood and a keen mind and by the blood of Alderaan is this one going to be a fighter!
It's a boy.
It's a boy.
Her hands fly in front of her mouth as she both laughs and cries at the same time. This, she thinks, is the light side that Luke always goes on about-the promise of light, the promise of a new life . . .
And then, the black edging of the dark side encircles her bliss like a noose. Because what rides swift on the heels of hope but fear - a fear that stretches out far and wide like a growing shadow. Fear of having a child in an unstable galaxy. Fear of whether or not Han is alive - or Luke, too. Will the child grow up with a father? An uncle? A mentor? What is her legacy and what will her boy's legacy be?
Her breath catches in her chest. She has to force herself to breathe.
Clear your mind. Clear it all. Focus, Leia. Focus.
Are those her thoughts?
Or are they Luke's?
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Star Wars Aftermath: Life Debt is released on July 12th

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