5 Major Reveals We're Expecting at Star Wars Celebration London

Friday, 24 June 2016 - 9:22AM
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Star Wars Celebration
Friday, 24 June 2016 - 9:22AM
5 Major Reveals We're Expecting at Star Wars Celebration London
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In just two weeks time, tens of thousands of Star Wars fans will descend upon London's Excel center for one of the most important pop culture events of the year. Star Wars Celebration has always been a big deal for Star Wars fans, but last year the event took on renewed importance when it was able to showcase never before seen footage and details from the new era of Star Wars storytelling.

At last year's event, thousands of fans packed into the Anaheim arena to be among the first to witness the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Elsewhere, the first details of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story were revealed, icons of Star Wars movies both new and old took to the stage, and Star Wars Rebels got its Season 2 world premiere. All in, it was a fairly momentous occasion for the Star Wars franchise.

So, what can London do to match its predecessor? Though it will run for just three days (compared to Anaheim's four), the timing of Star Wars Celebration London is such that there is the potential for some major announcements and reveals, some of which Star Wars fans have been waiting for for a long, long time.

1. A New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Trailer

On Friday July 15th, Gareth Edwards will take to the stage for what is being described as "a revealing can't-miss Rogue One panel". How revealing that panel will be is likely going to be dictated by what Disney has planed for San Diego Comic Con, which comes just a few days later. It seems that, with a release date just a matter of months away, the first Star Wars spin-off will be the main event of the weekend's proceedings. After the raft of information released yesterday, part of this push on Rogue One will more than likely include a new trailer.

How likely is it? Almost Certain.

2. New Star Wars Rebels Episodes

After the addition of Clone Wars icons like Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex, Star Wars Rebels has rapidly become must-watch TV for Star Wars fans this year. The show's season 2 finale sparked wild debate and raised interest levels in the show to new highs, which means there will be a huge amount of people waiting to witness the fallout of those events in the Season 3 premiere. Luckily for those people, Dave Filoni will repeat the antics of last year's event by giving the hosting the show's third season world premiere at Star Wars Celebration. 

How likely is it? Already Confirmed.

3. Admiral Thrawn Revealed?

In the wake of those massive Star Wars Rebels season 2 events, Dave Filoni teased that "something big is going to happen" in the show's third season, adding that he was going to be discussing it specifically at Celebration. Now, that in itself isn't much to go on, but when Filoni continued by saying "t's a very important moment in Star Wars and a very important moment for Star Wars fans", it got our creative juices flowing. Our prediction? Filoni, who has already embraced elements of the old Legends universe, is bringing one of the most beloved Legends characters of all time to his show....Grand Admiral Thrawn.

How likely is it? Difficult to see. Always in motion the future is.

4. A Star Wars: Episode VIII Title Reveal

The giants of the Star Wars franchise are currently assembled in London to shoot Star Wars: Episode VIII, a fact which probably helped Disney in their decision to hold 2016's Star Wars Celebration in the very same city. Of that cast, though, only Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Anthony Daniels have been confirmed to appear, leaving many of us wondering if the movie will have much of a presence at all.

Hamill, Fisher, and Daniels will all have spotlight panels during Celebration, leaving plenty of room for potential Episode VIII teases and reveals. But, there's one piece of information from the movie we all want more than ever at this early stage....a title. Celebration would seem to be the perfect place to reveal Episode VIII's title, but is it too early? When asked about the potential timing of a title reveal, Pablo Hidalgo responded with a simple hint to look at the timing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens's title reveal as a guide. As we all know, that reveal was made in November 2014, some eleven months before the film's release. Still, we can't shake the feeling that this would be the perfect time to spring a surprise and steal some headlines.

How likely is it? About as likely as bullseyeing a womp rat in a T-16

Star Wars: Episode VIII Images

If item #4 doesn't happen, it's very unlikely we'll see anything from Rian Johnson's movie. However, if Disney does use Celebration as a conduit for the first details on Episode VIII, it's very likely that we'll get even more than just a title. Episode VIII is fast approaching the end of its principal photography run, which means there has been ample opportunity to capture stills or behind the scenes photos of a slightly more revealing nature than the ones Rian Johnson shares on Tumblr. Seeing some shots of our favorite new trilogy characters in action would be a big deal, but just imagine what would happen if they showed some teaser footage? Be still our hearts.

As much as we want this to happen, though, it's more likely that Disney are keeping the promotional path clear for Rogue One, and we won't see much of Episode VIII until at least the fall.

How likely is it? No way near as likely as you wish it was.
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