13 Times Pokémon GO Made San Diego Comic Con a Better Place

Tuesday, 26 July 2016 - 12:01PM
San Diego Comic Con
Tuesday, 26 July 2016 - 12:01PM
13 Times Pokémon GO Made San Diego Comic Con a Better Place
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Pokémon Go and San Diego Comic-Con are a match made in geek heaven. The game has been so well received that Niantic's notoriously overwhelmed servers are still crashing constantly, but that hasn't discouraged millions of passionate players from trying to catch 'em all.
So far nothing seems to be able to kill the hype around Pokémon Go, and when that hype is paired with excitement of SDCC, things can get a little crazy.
Here are 13 times Pokémon Go improved the SDCC experience.

1. Finding out Stan Lee plays Pokémon Go

At Lee's panel on Saturday, his assistant revealed that Stan Lee is a Pokémon trainer. Apparently, Lee gets so excited when he sees Pokémon in the wild, he asks the driver to pull over so he can catch them. On the topic of catching them, Lee says "It's easy."


2. The Pokémon Bar Crawl

Hundreds of Pokémon trainers showed up in full force for the Pokémon Go bar crawl on Friday night. Participating bars even had Pokémon drink specials for the night.


3. Brie Larson asking Tom Hiddleston if he's "Pokémon Go-ing"

When the Kong: Skull Island panelists were asked what they like to do in their free time, Larson questions if Hiddles is "Pokémon Go-ing". In a polite Hiddle-esque manner, Hiddleston responds that he isn't playing, but he sometimes re-watches Fawlty Towers when he's sick.

4. Passing the time in line for Hall H

Hall H is infamous for being an almost unattainable dream these days, so waiting in line for a wristband has become a yearly ritual for some. Luckily, the time in line gives you plenty of time to catch Pokémon, taking everyone's minds off of the intense heat. At least until you run out of battery...

5. Using Pokémon Go to Sell Power Banks

Water? Frozen treats? Nah. This guy knew what people at SDCC would be clamoring to shell out for this year.

6. Tilda Swinton is basically Mewtwo

In his excitement over meeting Tilda Swinton for the first time, Chris Hardwick equates meeting her to the feeling of finally catching a rare Pokémon. (And in case you were wondering, yes Chris Hardwick plays too.)

7. Havok is a fan of Pokémon Go

Lucas Till, known for his role as Havok in the X-Men franchise, went on record at the MacGyver panel saying that he plays Pokémon Go on set.

8. Pikachu causes delays

A panel was delayed for a few minutes as audience members attempted to catch a Pikachu near the stage. The panelists weren't bothered, since they were also trying to catch the elusive pocket monster.  


9. Pokémon Go Cosplays

Plenty of people dressed as Pokémon trainers, but there were also quite a few people exploring the convention dressed as PokéStops.


10. Riding the trolley is a little less boring

People on public transportation usually keep to themselves, but during SDCC the trolleys were packed with convention goers playing Pokémon go. Every few minutes someone would exclaim "Oh look, a ____." causing everyone to rush to catch the monster of the moment.  

On the San Diego Trolley and EVERYONE is playing Pokémon GO. #sdcc

A photo posted by Jon Rubinstein (@jonrubinstein) on


11. Lures! Lures everywhere!

Downtown San Diego was lit up with lures, making SDCC the prime place to catch 'em all.


12. Waiting in-between panels

The lines for food and restrooms are usually too long to attempt if you're trying to make it back in time for the next panel, so sometimes it's easier to stay put and catch a few Pokémon.
13. The Pokémon Go Panel incites chaos
The Pokémon Go panel was upgraded to Hall H, in anticipation for a bigger crowd. There was a rumor that Niantic would drop a legendary Pokémon, causing thousands to swarm Hall H and also flood the area around and above it. Some fans followed the rumor all the way from LA for the day, even without a badge.

No legendary Pokémon were released, but they did reveal updates to the game, including the addition of leaders for each team. They also confirmed certain Easter Eggs in the game, and suggested that there are more that haven't been discovered yet.
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