Stargate: Atlantis Showrunner Recalls Final Season, Shares Behind-the-Scenes Images

Monday, 15 August 2016 - 5:35PM
Monday, 15 August 2016 - 5:35PM
Stargate: Atlantis Showrunner Recalls Final Season, Shares Behind-the-Scenes Images
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Stargate: Atlantis was definitely in the cancelled-too-soon category, but at least it got to go out on a high note. Showrunner Joseph Mallozzi has shared lots of intel from the show recently, from the top four scripts that never made it to screen to the most ridiculous ideas from the writers' room. Now, he's shared something a little more sentimental: a reminiscence about making the fifth and final season of Atlantis, and some rare behind-the-scenes photos from the production of the premiere.

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When production resumed on Stargate: Atlantis's fifth season, little did we realize at the time that it would be our final year. We were coming off a terrific fourth season and had some great scripts on deck and some big ideas for what lay ahead. Samantha Carter was on her way out and a new Commander was on his way in. And this time, there would be no discussion over potential candidates. There was only one.

I picked up the phone and called Robert Picardo, told him we'd love to make Richard Woolsey a regular. I pitched him what we had in mind, a move that would complete Woolsey's transformation from pencil-pushing pain-in-the-ass to surprising and lovable friend and ally. Bob loved the idea, welcomed the opportunity and his deal was closed that day.

It was tough to say goodbye to Amanda, but we were happy that she would be leaving for a passion project, the first season of Sanctuary, in which she would be producing and starring (and, eventually, directing as well over the show's five year run).

The change in command was not the only development in this final season. Teyla would finally give birth, the Michael storyline would be concluded, Elizabeth Weir would make a (sort of) return, while the introduction of a powerful new enemy would complicate matters for our intrepid expedition.

But first things first. We had a story to conclude, some trapped team members to rescue and, of course, a baby to deliver!
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Stargate: Atlantis behind the scenes - "Search and Rescue"

In the fifth season premiere, "Search and Rescue," Amanda Tapping's Samantha Carter is replaced with General Woolsey, right after a dangerous mission to save Teyla and her unborn (and then born) baby from long-running Wraith villain Michael. In the photos, you can see McKay and Lorne between being trapped under rubble, Amanda Tapping and Mitch Pileggi being adorable, and a model of Teyla's baby looking very creepy.

The fifth season started with high ratings and a prestigious sci-fi award, so it was a pretty big shock when it was canceled in favor of continuing the franchise with TV movies (which were perceived to be more lucrative in the climate, but were then shelved). This is a very sweet reminiscence, although considering how many plotlines were left unexplored, I hope Mallozzi does another Reddit post about what they would have done had they known it was their final season.

UPDATE - 08/16/16 10:26 am

Correction: Joseph Mallozzi was the showrunner, not the creator. Thanks for the heads-up, @BaronDestructo
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