10 Things We Want to See in Man of Steel 2

Friday, 19 August 2016 - 7:21PM
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Friday, 19 August 2016 - 7:21PM
10 Things We Want to See in Man of Steel 2
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Reports of a Man of Steel sequel being fast-tracked at Warner Bros have recently been surfacing on the web. Some may find that surprising, considering most people's reactions to Zack Snyder's ultra-dark iteration of the character have been mostly negative. However, that's apparently the very reason why DC is wanting to put such an emphasis on the character - they know he's been made into something he was never intended to be, and they want to do whatever it takes to make that right.  

Rumors have been cropping up suggesting that J.J. Abrams or another big name director may be the one to take on the project, and for many that would certainly seem to be a godsend. With the right guy behind the camera, the sequel to Man of Steel could prove to be one of the big breakouts of the DCEU. However, even if the film gets the right director, the sequel to this version of the DCEU Superman's big screen debut is still going to need the perfect story in order to perfectly redeem the character, and we have some ideas for what that story could include to make Man of Steel 2 one of the best Superman movies yet. Here are 10 things we'd like to see in Man of Steel 2:

A Retcon of Jimmy Olsen's Death

One of the things that make Superman such an inspirational character is his supporting cast. Jimmy Olsen, the young redheaded photographer for the Daily Planet, has been a part of that cast for a long time. He was Clark's long-time best friend in the comics, and was the one guy that Superman was willing to pose for photographs for. They even play video games together.

However, Snyder proved that he had no plans for a hope-inspiring Superman when he immediately killed off the Man of Tomorrow's biggest in-universe fan during Olsen's first minute or two of screen time. Granted, he's only mentioned by name in the Ultimate Edition, so maybe there's hope that this wasn't really the Jimmy Olsen comics fans have known and loved for so long. Having Jimmy in the sequel would be a great way to focus on Supes as an inspirational figure, and it would also be a great way to cut off the same proverbial hand that Snyder used to give the middle finger to Jimmy Olsen fans.  

An Homage to 'The Sound of One Hand Clapping'

Jared Leto has already stated he wants his Joker to mess with Cavill's Superman, and what could be a better way of realizing that then starting off the movie with a quick homage to Max Landis one-off Superman story, The Sound of One Hand Clapping? In it, the Joker has a conversation with Superman after planting bombs all around Metropolis. Superman humors the Clown Prince while using his super-speed to take care of the bombs when Joker's not looking, and hilarity ensues. Superman even gets the chance to burn Joker with his heat vision, and who wouldn't want to see that on the big screen?

Snyder made the assumption that Superman would become a darker character if faced with darker circumstances, but that assumption was incorrect. Light only shines brighter in the darkness, and paring the DC Universe's lightest character (Superman) against its darkest character (Joker) could be a really fun way to connect the DCEU and accentuate Supes virtue and humanity.

Superman Using Frost Breath

This version of Superman hasn't used frost breath in the DCEU as of yet, but it could still happen. Snyder probably felt that this power was silly and took away from his more grounded vision for the character. However, now that Snyder isn't in the driver's seat anymore in regards to major creative decisions concerning the character, perhaps we could still see this classic Superman superpower make an appearance on the big screen.  

Real Interaction With Eisenberg's Luthor

Jesse Eisenberg's Luthor was actually comic accurate in a number of ways. He was a scientist (an astrobiologist, even), always let others know he was the smartest guy in the room, and used his wealth as an instrument of his villainy in the same way Batman uses his wealth as an instrument of justice. Most of all, however, he had a genuine hatred for Superman, and not just a feeling of being inconvenienced because he was going to ruin his plan to monopolize real estate.

Luthor is to Superman what the Joker is to Batman, and it would be great to see Luthor escape justice as he does in the comics and reenter the free world to cause more problems for the Man of Steel. For some reason, Snyder thought pairing the two for less than five minutes of screen time total in Batman v Superman was a good idea. That can be corrected in the sequel to Man of Steel, and having them interact could be a great way to characterize both classic comic characters, even if Luthor isn't the main threat.

A Short Batman Cameo

One of the things that many fans were most disappointed about in Batman v Superman is that they were given pretty much nothing in regards to Bats and Supes interacting as friends post-conflict. They're super close in the comics, and some of the coolest moments between the two can be found simply when Superman visits Batman's cave to either give or receive advice. This could connect to that homage to The Sound of One Hand Clapping as well should the creative team choose to go that route. 

The Introduction of Supergirl

Having Supergirl introduced in the sequel to Man of Steel would be a great way to both expand the DCEU and give Superman a reason to be more lighthearted since he would just be finding out that he's not the only survivor of Krypton. There was a tie-in comic for Man of Steel that said Kara arrived on Earth long before and was already killed, but this could be ret-conned easily enough by simply announcing that the tie-in is no longer canon. As Batman was around for the finding of Supergirl in one of the initial Jeph Loeb story arcs of Superman/Batman, this could also be another good reason for the Caped Crusader to make a cameo appearance or even play a somewhat larger role in the film.  

A Braniac Appearance

Braniac is arguably one of the most powerful enemies of the DCEU (after all, this is the AI that abducted DC heroes from every universe in the multiverse, put them under de-superpowering domes, and made them battle for their survival in Convergence). It would probably be best to save such a worthy enemy for either a Justice League sequel or the final installation in the Man of Steel trilogy (should a third movie be made), but it would be great to see him at least be foreshadowed in the upcoming sequel.

A Baby Announcement

OK, OK, so this might be a long shot, but who could deny that having Superman become a father like he recently did in the comics would be a really great way to lighten things up? Jonathan Kent, Clark and Lois' son, is the new Super Boy of the DC comics universe, and having his birth be a part of the DCEU would be a great way to prepare for the future of DC films. Plus, it would also be a good answer to the deadbeat dad Superman of Superman Returns.

Superman Wearing Briefs

I'm only half serious on this one, but I kind of do miss the briefs now that I think of it. And what better way could there be to show the world that we're done with Snyder's sad and somber Superman than by having him put on a pair of underwear over his pants, even if it is only a quick easter egg moment?  

A Moment of Mercy

Though I personally enjoyed Man of Steel, many people saw Superman snapping Zod's neck as the final straw regarding the dark direction Snyder wanted to take Superman in. Though there was source material that warranted this creative decision, a lot of fans thought that Superman's serious aversion to killing had been cemented enough in recent stories to say that this decision took the character back a step instead of moving him forward as Snyder intended. Having a moment of mercy, where Superman chooses to spare his enemy instead of ending him, would be a great way to show just how different the resurrected Superman is from his earlier days in Man of Steel.  

Superman is undoubtedly the most recognizable superhero of all time, and at one time, he was the most popular, too. Over time, however, that popularity has declined through different cinematic mishaps and most recently, with the ultra-dark direction that the character has been taken in. It seems that DC is serious about fixing things, however, and hopefully they succeed in doing just that by providing audiences with the right director and the right story that accentuates everything about what makes Earth's adopted Kryptonian so inspirational and relatable.
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